Monday, December 12, 2016

{ DIY Simple & Rustic Mason Jar Snow Globes }

Happy snowy Monday from Michigan!!! We've been getting slammed with snow since Saturday night & now have quite a bit!! I stayed in the house all day & washed just about every inch of our bedding in all the rooms, rugs, curtains, couch slipcovers & windows!! While I was washing the windows watching the gorgeous snow come down on our little suburban cottage I got this idea aka inspiration to use some of our truck load of  hoarded up mason jars for a little wintery Christmas DIY! My crafty { our whole family is} mom had actually made some of these little guys a few weeks ago & I was obsessed when she dropped them off..then today watching the snow come down gave me the idea again..So thanks mom heheh!! These are the most simplest snow globes ever & I know you guys will thoroughly enjoy how cute & simple they really are to make! I made these for under $10, no expensive huge jars or decorations here...score, right?!  Come see how to make these cute little buggers below!!!

S U P P L I E S:

Mason Jars
Faux Snow
Wintery Scene Decor { Dollar Tree }
Stick on Snowflakes { optional }
Ribbon/ Twine { optional }

D I R E C T I O N S:

First wipe the inside of the mason jar out so it's nice & crystal clear. Secondly unscrew the lid/canning lid. Flip the lid upside down so you can see the rim part & not the top that wording..Take your tree/ other decor & glue it to the center  of the canning lid, so when you turn it upside down it's the correct way in the mason & the decor will be secure! Lastly add the faux snow & shake very lightly! You can also add little stick on snow flakes to the bottoms & a cute little ribbon or twine around the lid part! Enjoy!!!

You will want to flip the lip to the blank side & glue the stuff in the center & then flip the mason upside-down. The little tree is from Dollar Tree & the faux snow is from +Walmart . I personally like the better quality snow my mom used..I picked up the super cheap $2 kind..I would recommend the prettier more sparkly kind for this project!

I set them on our mantel in the upper level living room..& I added some height to them by using these little wood slices I had laying around. They go so nicely with the white & greenery filled mantel! Simple, rustic & glam!!
You can see our DIY Lantern Chandelier Snow Scene  HERE

I love how fresh & whimsical they make the mantel look!! They add that wintery Christmas charm, with that fresh clean look!

I hope you guys liked this quick little DIY post!! I can't wait to make some more..maybe in the bigger mason jars & some different little winter decor! The ideas are endless for these, not to mention they're quick & simple!! 

Happy wintery Monday!

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