Monday, March 27, 2017

{ Farmhouse Office Revamp for Under $100 }

Eekk you guys I've been wanting to share this post for the past week now & finally just put the finishing touches on it today & photographed! I'm going to start by saying this space has really weird light distribution, so the lighting may not be the best, but it's sooo fresh, clean & cozy now! Yes, today's post is all devoted to my lower level semi finished farmhouse style office revamp!!1 I've frequently revamp spaces, but this one needed it for quite sometime now...I started by painting the walls from a dark grey to a light white/grey/blue color { sorry no name on the can }. It was leftover paint from another DIY & I just really liked it for the office & had enough! We ended up tearing down the drop-cloth ceiling we did a few years back & letting the rustic white wood & beams show & touching up some trim with plain white paint we had also leftover! I replaced the old grey & blue wool rug with something brighter with a touch of bohemian feel to it & then just added some vintage treasures I've collected over the years & giving the space a nice clean { just don't look at the other side haha }. We also ended pitching the metal & glass desk & just using the craft table I had with a huge white ruffle farmhouse table cloth from +H&M ! Come see the biggest piece I picked up for this space below...

B E F O R E 

Old Office HERE

I didn't have a plan for this space other than I wanted it to be super bright, cozy & vintage inspired! I wanted cleaned & simple,and  everything came together for this space pretty effortlessly which is pretty much unheard of with my decor shenanigans haha! The metal mail storage is from +Marshalls  for $8, the silver paper tray was $2, vintage flower can was free & the greenery is from +Michaels Stores .

I have a lot of paper work with both my husband's business, mine & just craft/DIY stuff so I need all the space..I'm so much happier with this large farmhouse table setup rather than the older small desk! Sometimes I ask myself why I don't change things faster..Oh, because change scares me a lot because to me it's a sign of time running crazily fast these days..

The white bookshelf is from +IKEA USA  as well as the cream farmhouse organizers. The black wood mini filing is from +Marshalls 


The piece that brought this whole space together was this huge wood vintage inspired sign I picked up +HomeGoods for under $40. They only got two in which I one came home with me! It's perfect for this space!

Side Note: It lights up too bahaha..That kind of sold my "kid at heart" soul haha. I didn't get a picture of it lit up, but it's so pretty at night & bonus it runs on batteries! 

Other than the paint & sign this was the other big change..FINALLY a new rug!! I've said this a million times, but I'm super picky about rugs!! When I spotted this one on sale +Target  for under $60, I had to get it! It fit & looks so perfect for what I wanted & super affordable too!

I really hope this fresh & thrifty farmhouse office gave you some simple inspiration!! I'm not going to lie I'm obsessed with my cozy new office & will enjoy my countless hours in here hehe..Now to keep the "office mascot" aka Mr. Wibbles our bunny off the rug..haha P.S. As soon as I get some time I'm going to be freshening up the other side of my office with the built-ins & decor & I'll do a post! That side of the office is a disasterrrr, but today I'm enjoying this part! Let me know down below what you think of this revamp!

Happy Tuesday!

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