Wednesday, March 15, 2017

{ Farmhouse Style Rustic Dining Room Chairs }

Whoa this week has been flying by over here!! I thought I would jump on here today & share something I mentioned a few posts back, but like always got a bit sidetracked with other posts & obligations. Today I'm sharing our new { old } dining room chairs!! You guys know we switch out our dining table like the weather changes here in Michigan, & the chairs too..I've been kind of bored with our parson chairs { we had a black & white pair } & with recently selling the smaller black parson ones I wanted to bring in some more rustic charming ones..& not the fabric wingback or industrial metal ones everyone is googling about right now. Not, because I don't like them,but because I hate going with what everyone else is doing & honestly these were just what I was looking for..They came from my gram & I'm obsessed with them! They're over 30 years old, black chippy & solid wood...Umm yes, please!!! See how our family switches furniture out like crazy hahah..I do love that I can go "shop" family members' homes though! Anyway come have a peek at these cute little comfy wood chairs!!

The one thing I was worried about was would they be comfortable since we've always had fabric chairs. Let me say these are the MOST comfortable little wood chairs ever!! I mean it could be because my legs actually touch the ground or the old wore-in feel they have! I decided to throw this tan stripe pillow on for a little pop of color & because I honestly always sit with something behind me because I have a bad back...

The simple detail of the back & legs are what I love the most! They look so nice with the table & add that bit of vintage charm!

My gram warned me that they were chippy & of course that had me even more excited to take these off her hands haha..I mean the more imperfect the more perfect for Paige ha!  They definitely will be easy to paint if I decide I want to someday..

What do you guys think about these old chippy farmhouse chairs? I think I love them even more because they're from my gram..or because they're super comfortable or just BECAUSE! Let me know what you guys think about these & what your favorite style chair is, I'd love to know!!! 

Happy Thursday!

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