Sunday, April 2, 2017

{ Farmhouse Style Neutral Easter Cabinet }

Oh heyyy Monday & everyone!! I hope you all has a lovely weekend..ours was eventful to say the least, but I wouldn't expect anything else in our household ugh haha. Anyways I had to step back for a minute this weekend & just focus on styling & photographing something before I let the issue at hand get the best of me...I randomly decided to clean & tear apart our vintage 1940's chippy white corner cabinet in our dining area & style it for Easter..I'm not one to go crazy for Easter decor by any means, but I had to share this little space I decided to add a bit of festive charm with goods I already had stashed away! I didn't want anything too bright or contrasting to what we love which is cottage & farmhouse treasures..So that meant some simple greenery, bundle of carrots & some glass goodies! Come take a peek at what I did for this little cabinet in less than 20 minutes..Oh & thank you sun for finally being out here in Michigan!!

I've been really into gold & these vintage thrift plates were no exception! I love the simple faux farmhouse eggs from +Hobby Lobby  paired with the spring succulents & dishes!

The mug is from +Marshalls  & I thought it was perfect for Easter ..I may not have coffee in it, but some yummy hot chocolate was even better!

I love these little carrot bunches I picked up from Tuesday Morning store! They added that tiny bit up Easter without being overwhelming! I maybe adding more to this cabinet for Easter, but for now the eggs & little carrots make this super cozy & with a touch of festivity!

This cabinet was one of our very first DIY projects back in 2008 when we lived in our stylish & fun condo!! I think it will always be a part of my furniture & decor, at least for now anyway!

I hope you guys liked this simple Easter/Spring cabinet all decorated! What's your favorite piece to decorate with & do you decorate for Easter? 

Happy & healthy Monday!
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