Thursday, May 18, 2017

{ Vintage Style Patriotic Kitchen Decor Inspiration }

Heyyyy lovely friends, I hope your week has been great! We've been getting slammed with super warm weather here in Michigan & of course I've been purging stuff, getting ready for summer & decorating hahah big surprise there! With everything we have going on with house {farm} hunting, work & everything in between I've felt like I needed some color & a fresh look in the dining room etc.. I mentioned in my last post that I haven't felt well lately { I'll share after my tests} & that's put a little damper on things! I hate being in limbo & honestly it gets me stressed & I feel worse..With that being said I thought styling a little area for 4th of July would perk me up! It's almost June so I'm not too worried about it being to early as Hobby Lobby has their Autumn decor out already hahahahah... The first thing I think about when the end of May hits is summer & 4th of July at our family cottage! I love anything vintage style for the holiday, but not so much the flashy plastic style goods ha. I actually got the inspiration for this post while I was out shopping at Target! I came home { house a mess } & just started grabbing things I had around..which is so not like me because for some reason I have a really hard time finding 4th decor I like..It's like it was meant to be haha. My sister was keeping the pups entertained in the living room while I through all this together 10pm..with stuff from shopping everywhere..on a Wednesday night..TYPICAL ME ha! Anyways come read & gather some early 4th inspiration below!

When I think of 4th of July I think of good ole' country music playing, huge buckets of cherries & apples & lots of laughs! I love the color red to begin with, not usually for decor but I was excited to add these apples, some vintage rolling pins, & some other treasures!

This was the easiest centerpiece ever! I just used the cream chalkboard planter from Rae Dunn, some faux Ikea plants, vintage milk bottles & 2 cloth napkins I placed together that I got on sale for under $4!! The flags were $1 from Target dollar spot!

The vintage blue masons are pretty much my favorite! They give that festive super vintage charm & add that fun pop of whimsy color! I love how our pantry looks with these goods too.. You can see our DIY Vintage Pantry HERE if you would like to make one..

Pussy willow branches & white flowers are definitely another thing I picture when decorating for the 4th! These ones were on sale from Michaels a few years back! The vintage barrel, stool & ladder were all free finds!  
 What do you guys think about this festive dining room? When do you start decorating for summer & the 4th? 

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Wishing you all a happy & healthy Friday & weekend!
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