Friday, June 2, 2017

{ Cozy Cottage Style Festive Summery Porch pt.1.. }

Hey guys & happy weekend!! You all know I usually don't blog on the weekends, but I wanted to pop on here today because it's supposed to be gorgeous weather here in Michigan for some outdoor weekend inspiration & because it's the first weekend of June & I wanted to share our early festive porch with you guys!! You want to hear something crazy..We've never had an American flag outside our home..eeek & that is just not okay seeing as how we are extremely patriotic etc.. I actually cringe when I see the flag being hung incorrectly with the union in the wrong spot  { As ours is in the why below }& so on!! We have some very old vintage flags stored,but I wanted a simple thrifty one so I picked this one up @walmart for under $10! Lately I've been spending a lot of time outside taking in the simple things since our life has been very busy these days..& again that's odd for me as I don't handle the heat very well due to health issues. Anyways my sister & I spent all Thursday running errands & being outside while decorating this little spur of the moment surge of inspiration! You can probably already guess it, but I ran to our "junk pile" & grabbed somethings I haven't used yet & decided to style our porch for an "early 4th" decor type of thing while catching some glorious sunshine..P.S. I NEED a tan before vacay in 2 weeks hahaha. Come see this cute little cozy spot out front our little suburban cottage! 

**So I'm always pointing out on others' flags when they aren't hung correctly & here ours is with the union on the wrong spot..Well, not my fault. Unfortunately we couldn't screw into the brick for other reasons & when I flipped the flag the stitching was horrible & very noticeably not the greatest quality..This is because it's supposed to be used with a pole & I understand for $10..Just wanted to clarify before I get tons of e-mails hehe. Thanks for understanding!!

I love the greenery mixed with the sunflowers, carriage style garage & patriotic decor! Can you believe this little space was under $20 to style?!

This little space makes want to pour some wine & just take in the fresh air...Hopefully sometime this weekend right?! The table is from @ikea 
*See post: HERE on it!

I showed this little pine tree to the left in my Instagram stories { see IG link below } a while ago & thought I'd get "him" in a few shots hehe! This little pine tree has special meaning to me as it was my first little piece of greenery from my parents all the way from up at our cottages was only 4 inches when we got it & now 5 years later..

I always like mixing new with old & I found this little rusty can in our pile & picked some fresh fearns & voila! *You can see our Patriotic Kitchen Post: HERE

I hope you guys liked this early festive summery porch! I love seeing patriotic decor around our little cottage & especially that bright sunshine!! It's the little things in life that make me happy ...Let me know down below what you use & when you decorate for the 4th!


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