Sunday, August 6, 2017

{ DIY Cottage Style Chippy Dog Room Table Makeover }

Happy Monday you guys!! This weekend was full of DIY & just hanging around our little cottage..Although it was a simple weekend, it was kind of a busy one..It seems like August is always that month where I start gearing up for the holidays, purging & also prepping for our Michigan winters/fall...Our garage was on my list, but instead I DIY'd this cute little table I showcased in my Instagram stories HERE. I woke up on Saturday morning to my husband flying out the door to his business saying "Honey go to the front porch, I got you something" excitement & to my pleasure it was JUST what I had been looking for or should I say needed to finish the doggy room ha! Yes, our dogs have their own room..I'll be explaining more in the final reveal of the whole space later this week eek! This is probably one of the coolest junkin pieces we've found..It's vintage, charming & has a hardwired lamp connected that is original or at least looks to be to the piece! I also love the two little drawers on each side for tiny storage, because this still is somewhat our guest room..Anyways come see this piece below!!

So this piece was in obvious rough condition, but with a bit of cleaning & Valspar spray paint, sand paper & love it turned out just the way I had envisioned! So, I had this spray paint on hand for another project that I ended up using something else for, so with two cans of this I went to town!! Sage green is my favorite color & once you see the full reveal of the dog room,
you'll understand why I chose this color! I got this spray paint for $3 a can & it's now one of my favorite brands & colors! It turned out super chalky as win right?!


I ended up only using the spray paint & not the chalk paint...Keep reading..

 I cleaned & sprayed the whole table with one light coat & let dry for 20 minutes! I got super lucky yesterday with the cool breezy weather & no humidity, because it dried super quick & nicely! I ended up spraying 3 coats & almost took my palm sander to it in some spots, but then decided I wanted a really  authentic worn look..After the 3 coats were applied I used sand paper to go over the spots that had obvious wear...I left some spots with the white paint coming through & other spots I went down to the wood for that warm cozy feel!

*See my Inspiration Board for this space HERE

The spots that are distressed are the spots that had the authentic wear! In any other case I would have made them a bit more cohesive. I do love how it turned out though!
** I used a lampshade I had in my decor room..I might change it back once it's hardwired again!

Okay, here's the kicker to this whole project.. The end drawers were painted black at some point..Once I took fresh sandpaper to them I noticed the original or semi-original paint color coming through & guess what color it was???? THE EXACT SAME GREEN hahaha! I guess it was meant to be!

This table is literally perfect for this space! I can't wait for the full reveal..Stay Tuned!!!

What do you guys think about this DIY table?? Isn't she unique?? Let me know down below what you think of this simple under $10 makeover?! 

Happy Monday!

Wishing you all a happy & healthy Friday & weekend!
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