Sunday, August 13, 2017

{ DIY Farmhouse Style Dog Lounge Makeover REVEAL! }

Hey everyone!! Today I'm just going to jump right into things since I have a million things to get done & to be quite honest I'm super excited to share this space with you guys because it's not something that is shared or thought about much, but since when do we go with the masses hahah..Yup, never!! Anyways the other day as I was filling up the pibbs { our pit bulls } dishes something dawned on me..the space just WAS NOT working for them or us anymore!! The "guest" aka our nieces room was originally painted lavender per our nieces request & since she used to be with us all the time it wasn't a problem & we customized the room to everything she liked etc.. Well unfortunately our niece has not been or slept in this room for 2 years now...So it was time to clean the room out { with many tears shed } & purge all her little clothing, toys etc.. The dogs needed more space since they LOVE being in this room & because having all the extra furniture was too cramped etc.. Thankfully we donated the furniture quickly &I grabbed some clearance Valspar paint in the color "Vanilla" for $9.99 a gallon & of course some new doggy accessories! Keep reading below to see why we essentially implemented a doggy lounge into our home..

Dog Lounge Goodies:

  • Doodle Container
  • Rug
  • Food Storage
  • Fan
  • Toys 
  • Steps
  • Cage
  • Dog bed/ day bed
  • Storage for Shampoo etc..
  • Sheets { I use white for easy bleaching }
** This is just what we use! Everything you see in pictures are used minus the throw pillows..They actually have white ones for easy cleanup & yes, these two silly dogs use them ha!

So I said I would go into a little more detail as why we needed a dog lounge..First, both of our dogs are rescues found on the streets of Detroit by my lovely husband ( My mom works rescue too #shesawesome ). With that being said when we got Stinker the older female aka our old momma dog we had her in what is now my husbands office HERE. When we adopted Stewy 2 years later we moved them to the guest room..Since then the space just got too crowded & it wasn't working. These two dogs are conjoined at the hip & literally LOVE their room! It's actually comical they take themselves in there 24/7 & go nuts rolling each other around on the bed,playing with toys & occasionally breaking stuff haha..They're much like kids! We always say they go together so well because the little one likes being a baby  ( he's 3 ) haha & Stinker loves being a momma! They sit on the bed with their fan just giving each other smooches..The GOOD LIFE! 
P.S. I want to adopt them all, especially the torn apart body & soul I can SPOIL, SPOIL S P O I L.

Hahah how cute is this doggy jar? Of course it's filled with bones & doodles..Now let's hope the "pigbulls" don't "knock" it over!! This was purchased at Walmart for under $15!

This whole space was completed for $120!! That includes this rug, paint,dog food storage, lettering etc..
* Sources at the bottom of this post!

I wish you guys could meet these two...They're FULL of personality & have also essentially rescued me too, it's the best!! Follow my Instagram HERE for more on them!

Okay, so I'm not one to buy many  toys because they just tear them up even with our 2 being super nice with toys! I found these toys with no stuffing with just an empty water bottle in the middle & it can be replaced through a slit on the dog!!! For $1 from Dollar Tree too!!

You can see more of this table makeover HERE


Source List:
  • Food Storage- HomeGoods
  • Rug- Walmart
  • Toys- Dollar Tree
  • Letters- Hobby Lobby
  • Wreath- Target
  • Table & Steps - Vintage Finds 
  • Rescue Sign- Hobby Lobby
  • Dog Canister-Walmart
  • Pillows-Ikea
  • Bone Basket- Marshalls
  • Dog Bed- HomeGoods

What do you guys think of this space? I'm loving the makeover & the fresh roomy feeling for these two turds ha! I also like that because it's still "stylish" & clean that it could double as a guest room etc.. I'm off to feed them some doodles for being so patient { they're trying to get in here while I was photographing haha whoops }. I guess that means they LOVE it! Let me know down below what you think!!

Happy Monday!

As always THANK YOU for stopping in on my little growing blog. I know everyone says it, but I honestly appreciate each of you for sharing my posts, commenting etc....I'm not the biggest or most popular blogger, but I am humble, real & practical and  hopefully helpful or inspiring in someway :). 
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