Thursday, September 28, 2017

{ Jute Rug REVIEW- What you NEED to Know... }

Hey everyone & happy Friday!! I'm going to jump right into today's post because it's going to be quite long...So I know a lot of other bloggers have done this "jute rug review", but I'm here to tell you what's really up with these ever sooo popular rugs circulating in the blog & decor world...Just like my Ektorp sectional review HERE I'm going to bust some peoples bubbles, but I'll risk the comments etc.. to hopefully inform those that are on the fence about these rugs with a blunt & honest review without sugarcoating anything..So we bought our first jute rug back in 2012 before they were even popular..I didn't even know they were this popular & bought ours on clearance at IKEA. I just needed something large, neutral & thrifty & the one that is in our living room was only $41 for an 8x10!!!  Throughout the years we have purchased more jute rugs, but with the protective layer on them from Target..The one in the living room & our dining room { also from Ikea} are "bare back" meaning they are not equipped with the fabric or protective back so things don't fall through...Keep reading below to find out WHY this is ESSENTIAL before buying...

  • Durability
  • Neutral
  • Hide dirt..kind of.
  • Easy surface cleaning
  • Cost effective
  • Soft texture


  • Upkeep.They shed horribly & the pictures above prove it { I just vacuumed 1.5 days before }! If you purchase the ones without the protective backing like the ones from Target, then they shed this dirt like fiber mess..I'm a clean freak, so for me this is super annoying. You can put a pad underneath them,but they still shed.
  • Smell. They tend to smell when they get wet ect.. Not so pleasant & the smell stays within them unfortunately.
  • Washing. You can't wash these jute rugs with water because of the fibers..For me that is a no..I have however in an emergency situation sprayed a smaller one down with the hose with the protective backing & it was fine, and no smell..Guess it all depends. I would recommend my Ruggable brand rug instead HERE
  • Snags. This for me isn't so much a problem, but they do snag & the looping may become loose.
  • Coloring. These jute rugs after time get "dark spots" in them. They look like dark round stains, but it's just the fibers. Again, not a big deal, but not the cutest either.

So you ask " Why if they were a pain to me" did I keep buying them & placing them all around the house? Well, that's simple- I LIKE the look & didn't know all of this with the first 3 that were bought within a few weeks of each other. Also, like explained above the ones with the protective backing aren't as much as a pain to clean etc..:)

The ones in the kitchen ironically are the ones with the protective backing, but I liked the layered look so I used some carpet tape & layered the jute on a plain black rug with a rubber backing.

I sincerely hope this review was perfect for you to make your decision. Either way there will always be pros / cons to everything so, whatever decision you make will be the best for you in the long run. This was just to simply state what I DO/ DON'T like & quite frankly I WISH I knew all of this information while shopping around for rugs.

Happy Friday!!
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