Tuesday, November 28, 2017

{ Greenery Filled Vintage Christmas Dining Room }

Ahhhh my first post out of our usual 6-7 rooms that will be featured in our holiday home tour!! I had some time today to photograph 3 areas in our little suburban cottage, so I thought I would share the first being our dining room! This year with everything going on { my dad is sick } etc.. I thought I would use the basics with super simple whimsical vintage holiday accents! I started by adding our little 4ft Christmas tree in the corner of the dining room , which just so happens to be my most favorite spot & then I added a bunch of vintage treasures from junkin & some that have meaning to me..I kept the color scheme simple as well with just greenery, textures, black, greens & pops of navy to accent the holiday berry greenery! I've always loved the blue & green plaids so I wanted to incorporate that into this space while still keeping it soothing & neutral with that fresh winter vibe! Okay enough describing, just come take a peek below!!!

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I'm sure you all have heard of the Gaines' new line "Hearth & Hand" @target ,but I ended up picking these up from the collection..they're actually placemats,but I decided of course to use them for something else..I love the pop of wintery color & vintage charm they add & they were only $10.

Like I said above this is my favorite little corner!! It screams fresh vintage charm & that little tree in the basket are some of my favs in our home this Christmas!! Most of these pieces in this corner & in the dining room are authentic vintage pieces we've thrifted or saved from loved ones.. 
*You can see last year's Christmas Dining Room HERE

I wasn't sure what I was going to to with this dining room to be honest with you guys..kind of like the rest of my post I just go with it..I needed something for this wall & didn't have anything so I kind of just hung this gathering basket & stuck a Christmas tree in it with some berry clumps & I loved it!! The wood decals next to it are old vintage garage decals from my grandmother's old home I saved!

The bells were a free find & the stool is sentimental & I've explained that before..I love the little pine trees staggered on it & the simple neutral touches! Our dining room isn't huge, but is a nice size so it was fun to add some seating & decor this season!

I'm so pleased at how this space came together & for close to nothing!! It's always is amazing what you can do with old things you have stashed away & how with a few new things it can look totally different each season! I hope you guys love this space as much as me, because honestly this time of the year for bloggers is stressful but so REWARDING..For me especially because I've always been Christmas crazy.

Happy Wednesday!

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