Monday, November 13, 2017

{ Highlights & Favorites from our New York City Excursion }

I'm sooo excited to share this today with you guys!! As you probably know by now we decided to take a little trip to NYC about a week ago..We have been several times before,honeymooned there for a week & went back for our 1 year anniversary as well as both going as children!! We love the city & we had so much fun road tripping in the Jeep through the Pennsylvania & the other states & of course stopping at little places along the way & me taking a million pictures hahah..I know it's not decor related, but I thought I would show a few pictures I quickly shot from this little 4 day adventure!! Come take a peek below & P.S. if you've never been to the big apple...GO!! It's nothing like people perceive I promise really..

Pod39 Hotel

We stayed at Pod39 & it didn't disappoint! It's always a gamble booking a hotel in the city & I'm not going to lie I was quite nervous to stay here as we never have before & the rooms are pod size..Oh my goshhh you guys the room was soo cute, fresh, clean & fun!! The hotel is located in midtown & is close to just about everything PLUS they offer this amazing rooftop terrace area that looks directly at the empire state building!!!!

La Mela Restaurant

Another place we have been going to since 2009 is La Mela in Little Italy...It's old authentic Italian food with the funnest atmosphere & staff..It's informal & the portions are sooo big!

Grand Central Station

So this is one of those areas that we hadn't been to before & I'm SO glad we went this time!! It's something out of a storybook with it's sparkling blue ceiling, marble galore & the hustle & bustle is the best!!

Central Park/ Plaza Hotel

We've been many times before, but this time we walked quite a bit & I'm so glad we did! We got to see some landmarks that were in Home Alone, take in the wildlife & view the amazing Plaza hotel.

Cafe' Roma

It's one of those places that isn't anything super special other than we've been going since 2009 & it;s sooo historical. It dates back in the family from 1891 & the cannolis are sooo yummy! The old-time architecture is everything, a definite stop!

How awesome is this view from our hotel at night? It's literally breathtaking & I felt soo much  while standing up here & taking in everything. It seems weird for someone who has a fear of heights { me } , but it's almost like a stresss reducer & freeing feeling all in one!

Our hotel was so historical & charming..Direct Link: HERE

Rockefeller Center

It's one of those areas that is a must see especially around the holidays! The lights, calming feeling & just all around fun feeling plus the ice rink & tree..It may be my favorite spot!

I hope you guys liked this little tour along with me on our vacation.. I wanted to post more photos, but some didn't go well with my branding hahaha..I'm soo ocd with what a post looks like! Anyways thanks soo much for stopping by & I hope you visit the city if you ever get the chance!!!

Happy Tuesday!

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