Sunday, January 14, 2018

{ After Christmas Sale Shopping- What to buy Guide...?! }

Hey everyone!! I hope your weekend went well, I can't say ours was very exciting but Friday my sister & I did go on a little random adventure & of course while out on this little shopping excursion it dawned on me that I should probably blog this because it may be helpful & I've never blogged something like this before!! Dare to be different- ABSOLUTELY haha! Sooo, here it goes, while out shopping I came upon the section in the barn we were shopping at { Barn Antiques } with all of the leftover Christmas goodies..EEK back away F A S T was my first thought seeing as I have 8 bins of Christmas haha..Right as I was about to back away my sister goes " Wait STOCK UP" & it was all downhill from there hahah just kidding but she was so right!! I scored a bunch of stuff for under $37!!! So today I'm sharing my tips for shopping after Christmas / what types of items etc.. I also have a brand new VLOG post HERE for you to watch as well!! Anyways come see today's short but informative post below..

1. Shop a few weeks after Christmas!

Shopping just a few days after Christmas will get you some $$ off of the regular priced merchandise, but if you wait 2-3 weeks after you will get way more off!! This isn't the case for many stores as people will snatch the little bit of Christmas up for only 20-30% off,but more of the local shops etc.. will have things 2-3 weeks later marked at 75% off!!

2. Stock up on Christmas items!

This is a big one that I started doing a few years back & something my mom has done for many years- Thanks mom ha!! Don't just look for the electronics, clothes etc..but actually the Christmas items you can use to decorate for next year!! HUGE SAVINGS !!!

3. Pick the right items!

This is another one that I really want to touch on. So as mentioned above pick the Christmas items for next year..but if you're thinking "What kinds of items" I have you covered! The items that usually cost the most like tons of ornaments, especially if you're one of those people or bloggers that change the tree theme up each year. Signs are another item that run expensive usually. I picked a $35 sign up for $8!! Metal decor also is a good find! Anything metal is most likely durable & if at 75% off you should snag! I also picked up vintage style burlap ticking stripe stockings..They're timeless & I got them for $3 each..SCORE! Items like trees etc. are also good items to check on, but most of the time they're all gone by the time 75% hits. 

What do you guys think about these tips for after holiday shopping ? Do you wait until after Christmas to stock up? What's your favorite thing to shop for?? Share the deals below!!! :)

Happy Monday!
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