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{ Meet our Rescues: FAQ's & An All About them!! }

Happy Monday everyone! I hope your weekend was filled with everything you love..Ours was a refreshing sunny Michigan weekend that almost felt like spring ALMOST ha. As I was snapping a photo of our two pibbles { Stink & Stew } this weekend something hit me..I've NEVER introduced them to you guys & went over each of their stories with you!! I don't know how I've missed this in the 4 years I've been blogging..I've shared them a bunch on my INSTAGRAM & FACEBOOK & you guys are always so nice!! Needless to say today's post isn't going to be decor related or pretty staged photos, buttt they will be super cute & bonus I'm sharing our rescue bunny too! Rescuing & adopting animals is something we're super passionate about & if you keep reading below I will share as much as my little fingers will allow me to type haha! These three have brought us so much joy  I can't wait for you to meet them!

:Background Info:

So our rescuing adventures all started wayy back in 2007 when my husband & I were dating as young 19 yr old babies. We were living with Mark's dad & wanted a dog, so we heard of one from a friend & decided to drive all the way to Delray, MI to pick her up..When we arrived it was a homeless man that had a whole littler of puppies near death in an abandon building..Mark ran in & grabbed the only girl & we rushed her back to my car & left. She was tiny smelly & to be honest I didn't think she was going to make it. I was too worried about my precious Mustang car being smelly to really realize the severity. Fast forward & she did make it & has been living with my mom & dad since we moved in 2008 to our  1st home { condo}. It's been over 10 years since we rescued Ginger & I can still remember it to this day PERFECTLY! We have a whole scrapbook of her first year etc..That same year we rescued Ginger my husband began working in the foreclosure business which unforgettably took him all around the inner city & Detroit has a huge stray problem. He started rescuing random dogs that would show up on job sites etc..After #5 my mom got interested & started rescuing as well & has now taken over & has jumped leaps & bounds in the rescue world. We've always been animal lovers even after I was nearly mauled to death at the age of 2. We have a special place in our hearts for pit-bulls especially. They're the most misunderstood dog with the most amazing love to give.

: Stinker :

Fast forward again to 2012 when we bought our second home..6 months into living in our new home Mark was on another job site & witnesses Stinker being kicked on a porch by kids & left out in the freezing cold  at the property he was working at. They obviously knew she was a stray & wanted her gone, so Mark opened up the work truck door & she hopped right in!! He brought her home & me being the nervous nelly I am made him set up a heater & bed in our insulated garage until morning...She was in rough shape, skinny, no fur around her eyes, impacted trash in her belly etc..The next morning- Dec 23, 2012 we officially decided to keep her!!! We call her our Christmas miracle. She fit right in with our then bunny Charlotte & we've had her ever since. She is estimated to be around 10 now, & a brown pit-bull mix.

  • I'm an old soul.
  • I like to be the mommy.
  • I am an avid fence climber.
  • My mommy loves my ears.
  • I'm a daddy's girl.
  • My farts are bombs
  • I'm allergic to sweet potatoes.
  • I love to be outside
  • I have a raspy bark.
  • I'm very gentle.


Stewy came to us two years later in 2014 from the mom of one of the rescues Mark brought home. Again, on a job site & two dogs a white pit-bull around 2 & a small brown baby pit-bull who were skin & bones wandered onto the property. This was one of the MOST heartbreaking cases...The female white pit was covered in scars, so skinny she could barely stand & the brown boy was about a day or 2 from death. Mark brought them home & we set them up in our garage until we could get them to a rescue etc.. My mom jumped in & found a vet to take them & get medical attention. The vet decided to adopt them but right before that she found out the white girl was pregnant!! This was NOT what we had hoped for..She was already sick with heart worm, skinny & now puppies..Once she gave birth we adopted one of her puppies since we couldn't adopt her { our female only likes males }. May 11, 2014 on Mother's Day Bell gave birth to 10 puppies!! We brought Stewart home 3 months later & he's been our baby ever since haha!

  • I love being a baby.
  • I lick & give kisses A LOT.
  • I'm very shy.
  • Mommy's boy.
  • I'm allergic to bee's.
  • I'm rude { steps all over Stink ha }
  • I don't know what kitties or bunnies are.
  • I love everything & everyone.
  • I cry. like. a .baby. FOR REAL.
  • I have funny lips & I'm a character .

: Mr. Wibble :

Mr. Wibble is our Walmart parking lot bunny!! My mom was picking up the ashes of our late bunny Charlotte & some lady was getting rid of a bunny that looked like Char..We meet up with her in the Walmart parking lot & she handed over 1 yr old Wibble to us in a snow storm. He now is my office mascot & the crazy lion-head monster as we call him haha.

  • I look like a lion.
  • I have a heart on my head.
  • I nip mom's ankles for fun.
  • I am potty trained
  • I like to tease Stewart.
  • I'm crazy. 
  • I have my own room like the pibbs.


  • Do we want more animals? - Yes, of course! This is partly the reason we are looking for more land!! 
  • What kind of animals do we want? - We would love to have a few more dogs, bunnies, mini pony, pigs etc..No sheep, goats are cows are in the future!
  • Are we against breeders? - Yes,absolutely! There are too many animals in shelters as well as the population out of control. You can get pure breeds in shelters/ rescues & in our opinion the most needy are the best breed not to mention many of the breeding conditions are horrid. Would you want to be breed 10 zillion times??  #adoptdontshop
  • How many dogs have we rescued? - I would say Mark has rescued over 25 & my mom is in the 100's  #mytwoheros! 
  • What can  YOU do to help rescues? - Donate, Advocate & Volunteer!
  • What is our favorite breed? - We don't have a favorite, but we own pit-bulls & think they're the most adorable.
  • What is our favorite rescue? - Again, we don't have a favorite, we believe if you're helping the voiceless, you're pretty fantastic!!!

*See the pibbles DIY room HERE

I hope you guys liked this different kind of post here on TQS! I like to try & keep things fresh here on the blog so this was just what it needed! I hope you don't mind & gathered some info too!

Happy Monday! 
As always THANK YOU for stopping in on my little growing blog. I know everyone says it, but I honestly appreciate each of you for sharing my posts, commenting etc....I'm not the biggest or most popular blogger, but I am humble, real & practical and  hopefully helpful or inspiring in someway :). 
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