Thursday, February 15, 2018

{ Cottage Style Spring Antique Crock Centerpiece Tutorial! }

Hello Friday & friends!! Since I'm on the spring fever kick I decided to style the dining room table for spring as well. Since I'm also ticking striped crazed lately I wanted something super simple fresh & of course vintage/antique. I may have already blogged something like this in the past, but at this point in blogging all the posts are running together haha. I don't know why I've been craving the vintage blue & whites in the dining with pretty flowers & chippy-ness..WAIT, yes I do..because I'm cottage style obsessed!! I really hope today's post brightens your day & gives you some inspiration! I didn't spend anything to create this space & those are the spaces that I like the most because they're practical and they're my brand. Okay enough of me rambling & keeping you on suspense..Come take a peek below!!

I have about 13 of these crocks in different colors, ages etc.. I have about 5 with the blue stamps & crowns on them. Of course I had to use one on the table & boy this one was heavy!!! Speaking of table I'm in the works for a new one SOON!

I don't think a table centerpiece could be any more simple.

How To:

  • Wipe table down
  •  Add long runner, then second shorter runner { I used two for layering }
  • Add crocks & fill large crock with burlap + flowers or any greenery you would like.
  • Add placemats, bottles & tea towels

This corner was a little dark, so I added a basket to the large tree for some spring warmth.

This space is looking pretty fresh for spring. I think with a few more changes like the table & chairs it will be set for spring/summer! What kind of chairs should I add to this space...I'm stumped. Let be know down below!!

Happy Friday!

As always THANK YOU for stopping in on my little growing blog. I know everyone says it, but I honestly appreciate each of you for sharing my posts, commenting etc....I'm not the biggest or most popular blogger, but I am humble, real & practical and  hopefully helpful or inspiring in someway :). 
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