Tuesday, March 6, 2018

{ DIY Cottage Style Simple Hot Beverage Station }

Happy  sunny Tuesday! It's been so cold & dreary here these past few days & today after posting on my IG HERE that it was gloomy..the sun decided to come out! As I'm typing this I'm sipping some hot Chai latte which is much needed since it's super cold here in Michigan again...You see where I'm going with this post ha.. As we were driving around{NEW VLOG } this weekend pricing the stuff for our mini spring home revamp { see last post }. With the temps super cold this weekend it dawned on me as we were leaving with our mug full of tea & coffee that I never blogged our little hot beverage station other than once & that was FOREVER ago..I've said it a million times, but I'm not into coffee much more of chai tea , vanilla cappuccinos etc..Mark however is a coffee maniac ha. Come see more of this cute cozy hot beverage station below!!

Our little hot bev station is super simple..I bought this black distressed wood tray from Hobby Lobby about 3 years ago & it's perfect for keeping everything together & easy to move etc..The Keurig stays on it along with the white canister with K-cups. The other small cream & black canisters are filled with hot chocolate, chocolate chips & cinnamon. 



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Of course I had to decorate this space a little haha..I just added an old white mug, greenery & this vintage honey stick!

Our little mug collection is simple, but just enough for us.  I usually only buy black & white mugs with the exception of a few...Our mugs are all HUGE too haha..no wimpy ones in our house!

These small cream & black chalkboard canisters are from @HomeGoods.

The wall mug holder is an old antique from my grams. When she moved down from her lake house a few years ago she got rid of a bunch of "treasures" & this is one I kept. It's so simple & after our mini spring kitchen spruce up it's for sure going back up...

Side Note: The black & white sign was a thrifting find, and the Ball mason lamp is vintage.

What do you think about our simple little hot beverage station? I call it a station because honestly I don't like the "bar" name because it's just not practical. I see soooo many beautiful coffee bars, but lets be honest if you don't have a water hookup it's super impractical to walk back & forth filling this coffee pot etc..especially when they're not directly by the sink..Pretty, yes..practical- NO! 

Happy Tuesday!

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