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{ How to Give Any Home Farmhouse & Cottage Charm with this Simple Guide..}

Heyyy everyone & welcome back to TQS! Thanks for popping back in on the blog today. Yesterday was one of those days where I just couldn't let things slide...{ if you seen my rant on IG } . I'm one of those people who can take a lot of things & just dust them off, but some things really get to me & I needed to voice them. Today though this post is all about how to achieve that ever so popular Farmhouse or Cottage charm around your own home. I've been into the cottage/ farmhouse look for quite sometime now & grew up around junkin', DIY, pickin', cottage life & being in northern Michigan which if you don't already know is known for this kind of charm. With being a practical home blogger I like to share simple tips for you guys so you can replicate or make your home cozy with these types of trends  in your own home. Come take a peek at a few things to get you that cozy charm..
1. Greenery

This is my go to obviously. Adding greenery is super simple, affordable & it can be used over & over in so many different ways. From wreaths to stems to buckets full & so much more. I get a lot of my flowers from thrifty spots & use them for years. You can see my post on the best cottage/farmhouse greenery HERE.

2. Wood. 

This is something I crave in our home all over. I'm not talking high-end, clear-coated or laminate big huge wood pieces either [ not that there is anything wrong with that style ]..I'm talking beat-up chipped, vintage rough style pieces. The older the piece, the more charm it will least that is my motto ha. I love me a good chippy, rustic piece in our home. It adds that cozy appeal without even trying & most of the time you can find these pieces from garage sales to antique stores & even on garbage shame here! It doesn't take a ton of money to add cozy cottagey charm.. The chippy frame below is one of my favorite finds that someone pitched!!

3. Metal.

This one can be confusing for people to grasp. Metal? Isn't that more for modern styles?!..Yes, but things like buckets, galvanized tubs etc.. can be super farmhousy & help achieve that look. Things like the galvanized tubs can be great for adding greenery, storing linens etc..

4. Linens/ Pillows

This is one I think a lot of people when decorating for this look overlook really often!! I mean it's one of the coziest ways to add this style & charm but it can be a bit tricky..I suggest looking on Etsy, Ikea or HomeGoods which offers a bunch farmhouse style pillows & linens now. I have a bunch of the large tie-style farm pillows I picked up at IKEA & HomeGoods. I've been ticking stripe obsessed for the last few months & surprisingly I have found many things at these types of stores..

5. Barn Doors

Barn doors are a given, but add SO MUCH character without even trying. We got our barn door as free find that someone was trying to get rid of on one of my husband's job sites...Original 1940's hardware & everything..This thing is massive & resides in our dining room. It gives a great separating to the lower level & adds warmth in the dining. Just about any hardware store is snow offering 

 5. Vintage Elements

Vintage elements like books, containers, milk cans, tobacco baskets, scales,crates & crocks are another super simple way to add charm without going crazy or spending a ton to achieve it. I also like sharing these types of easier ways to add charm without adding shiplap or subway tile etc..because let's face it not everyone lives in a owned home, so for apartment dwellers etc..these are easy & not so permanent ways to cozy things up.

6. Texture

Adding texture was something newer for me about 4 years ago...I have been around this style for years, but this was new..Adding things like Jute rugs can help achieve this without going overboard. If you don't like the jute style or can't afford them, no worries you can add things like burlap & baskets which is super affordable.

7. Slip covered Furniture

I've always been super into Pottery Barn furniture & my gram always had cloth furniture. When we would visit her up north it was so big & cozy & that's where my love for cloth slipcovered goods come from. Although kind of a pain compared to leather, they do make everything look cozier & you can get them for cheap now. I have a full post HERE

Side Note: Sorry for the quality of some of these photos..they're from a while ago.

8. Signs

Old vintage signs are the easiest way to add that rustic vintage feel. I know they can be pricey, but so many places offer them now for cheap & the remakes are just as nice. I have some from all over & the real things & I love them equally.. .You can even get some at chains like Hobby Lobby now. We've come far people haha.

9. Antique Glass

This is one of the areas where I wasn't all into until recently.. I love vintage dishes but glass I wasn't super into. Then my love for mason jars, old bottles & jars stepped in haha..The mason jars & jam jars add so much to a dining room or kitchen space & again you can find these items just about ANYWHERE these days.

10. Neutral Walls/ Colors.

This is another given for most. Keep your rooms simple with fresh white paint, creams, tans & accents with distressed blacks, chippy greens & browns. Neutral color pallet is the easiest way t decorate & really show off the vintage/antique goods you're displaying.

Geeesh that was my longest post yet haha...I thoroughly hope you guys enjoyed this...I'm off to warm my fingers up since they're cramped at this point from typing & editing haha. I love to do this stuff for you guys..Do you think this helped? Do you use any of these tips or items in your home??

Happy Thursday!!

As always THANK YOU for stopping in on my little growing blog. I know everyone says something like this, but I honestly appreciate each of you for sharing my posts, commenting etc....I'm not the biggest or most popular blogger, but I am humble, real & practical ,and  hopefully helpful or inspiring in someway :). 
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