Tuesday, June 12, 2018

{ Decorating Spaces: The Process & Helpful Steps Defined! }

Hi pals!! So by this time in my blogging career the posts are pretty running together in my head but one post I don't think I've ever published was one about the actual decor process before you guys see the post go live! Yes, of course I've done mini posts like this for the holidays but not one with just a non holiday frenzy on how to decorate etc.. I wanted to take the time today to sit down & explain what all goes into me changing out spaces/ decorating a new space! I get asked a lot how I change things out so often & quickly & honestly for the most part that is NOT the case. Yes, I do little switch- ups of throw pillows etc.. here & there but when redoing a space it takes more than an hour & definitely more than a day to plan, style, tweak, photograph, edit & hit PUBLISH for you guys!! What I'm basically saying in so many words is "Don't be hard on yourself" if you can't get a space exactly the way you want it instantly or effortlessly. For most of us bloggers etc.. this is our business & career just like interior stylist & designers so we've got tips & tricks to execute it or make it look simple.
 Sit back, grab something cold & see how I do this whole thing the real way...

1- Gather Inspiration.
 This is one of the first things I do when wanting a new look or thinking of changing things up in a space. I gather Inspiration from several different areas to help me start the process. I use apps like Pinterest or search Google, magazines, bloggers & ask opinions of friends/ family. All these things combined help me get a look going in my early stages.

2-  Make a List of Items.
The second thing I like to do is make a list of the things I want to change in the current space or want to buy. Keeping the list of things help me keep things organized & not only that, but they help me remember what I need if I find something while out shopping!!

3- Purchase & Gather Goods.
The third thing you can probably already guess, but would be to purchase, thrift, diy or junk for new items you want for the space. I can honestly say that I use items from ALL over with different resources. Because of my style I like to use a lot of vintage items mixed with new items. This gives a nice balance with still achieving the cozy feel I love in our home. Not everything needs to be new or expensive to finish a space. Use resources like Craigslist, estate sales, flea markets etc..

4- Decorating.
 Finally what you've been waiting for since brainstorming this..DECORATE!! This step is finally the part I look forward too also!! Even if I've already added new things to the space or changed some bigger things up { wallpaper, shiplap, windows, trim etc..} first this is the most fun part for any designer or bloggers...I promise! It's when your vision comes to life essentially.

5- Let things Soak in.
This is the part that either gets me or concludes that what I originally created is what I wanted. I let spaces that I just changed up sit for a few days, even a week before I photograph them. This has happened to me so many times that I lost count & stopped photographing them immediately. I could love the space, but the next day after I've already shot it that I wanted/needed to add something or switch out some minor detail I remembered. This obviously is different for clients.

6- Photograph it.
This  part needs to be perfect & actually the part I take the most time & detail on aside from putting it together initially. Photos will show EVERY detail you don't want shown. I discovered this the hard way haha..eek! Make sure details such as light, dirt, wrinkles, shadows, threads etc.. are all tidy as much as possible { I'm no professional at this }. The cleaner the photograph the less editing...


7- Publish on the Blog.
 The part that you guys get to see- THE BLOG! This is the most rewarding part of the process. I love being able to help someone love their sanctuary. It doesn't matter if you live in a 500sqft studio or a 5000sqft home. Making a home cozy is the ultimate goal for most & why wouldn't it be?! Home is where you rejuvenate & spend most of your time. It needs to reflect you in your special way. Writing up & demonstrating home decor & ideas is my passion. The blog & posts allow me to keep doing this & it's ALL thanks to you guys!

I hope you guys liked this more in depth kind of post. I like to  publish informative material as well as decor, styling & DIY content. What do you think about this process? Do you use any of these tips or steps?

Happy Wednesday!

As always THANK YOU for stopping in on my little growing blog. I know everyone says something like this, but I honestly appreciate each of you for sharing my posts, commenting etc....I'm not the biggest or most popular blogger, but I am humble, real & practical ,and  hopefully helpful or inspiring in someway :). 
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