Tuesday, July 10, 2018

{ New Antique Cottage Living Room Chair! }

So you know those pieces of furniture that you spot & just have to have?! This is one of those types of chairs. My grandma got it a while back & after she had it reupholstered I fell more in love with it. Fast forward two years later & she called me over { we live 4 blocks from each other } and told me she was giving it to me so I can enjoy it! You guyssss I nearly fainted I was so excited!!! Though she loves it, she knows I love it even more & she's a bit short for the reclining part hehe. I enlisted my sister to help shove it in the back of my Jeep in the 95 degree heat & well I LOVE it! It's super comfy, cottagey & filled the space better than the other vintage wood one that is now in our lower level! Come see this quick update on this antique beauty below..

I kept the styling super simple with dark greys & blue ticking stripe throw & pillows with some texture & summery branches on our Vintage  Hamper Table HERE . This is now the perfect place to sip peach sweet tea & read a good book or browse Pottery Barn magazines! I love that it reclines & is super sturdy for this horrendous back of mine. I think it's even more special because it's from my gram.

The upholstery & cream buttons are so charming, yet simple. I love that the wood is the same color as our antique dresser beside it too. The cost of the upholstery wasn't cheap { $400 }, but it turned out fantastic & can basically pair with any style!

The detailing is that of what my gram thinks is 1940's era, but I think I'm going to do some research & see what I can find out about this charming piece..If you have any guesses let me know in the comments!

What do you think about this new { old } piece in our upper living room? Do you have any favorite pieces that you've refurbished our have sentimental value to you? I hope you loved this cozy little nook as much as we do.

Happy Wednesday, pals!
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