Tuesday, July 3, 2018

{ Summer Cottage Patio Refresh pt.1: PAINT OR STAIN?

Hey pals!! Happy pre- Fourth of July celebrations!! This is the first time in 3 years we haven't been up at the cottage for 4th of July shenanigans & honestly that makes me sad. If you know me, you would know I love traditions & this is one of them. My sister, Mark & I have been doing this for a few years & it's everything our pure Michigan summers entail. I mean it's at the top of my tradition list aside from Christmas hahaha. Anyways since we are staying home { work obligations } I decided the patio NEEDED some TLC asap haha! This area has been neglected & because our winter was so long & harsh this year in Michigan it did a number on this area! Today I'm sharing some quick spruce-ups & the first installment in this area "refresh" if you will. I bought a new rug last weekend & then Mark got to work edging etc.. Slowly it's becoming cute, cozy & farmy again! Keep reading below for the big question in this FIRST installment on this project! 
P.S. please keep in mind this space is a work in progress & it's in the early stages...

Should we paint the top of this diy table chippy white, stain or leave as is rustic?
*See the Full DIY: HERE

I'm usually one for no color or just green, white & browns but these little faux lavender plants got me! I love how whimsy & cozy they make this little space. That's something I always like to include in my farmhouse/ cottage decor, a touch of whimsical.


Along with picking up the fresh green check rug @Target, I also picked up that green tray & those little plants! I shopped my house for the wine chalkboard & the other items I quickly through together just for this post! 

Typical me in the summer..always barefoot. I blame my mom for this hahah. Anyways so here is the bare table...One of the boards needs to be nailed back into place, but other than that its held it's chippy diy self up pretty well for being in the elements & for over 2 years now.

I stopped in at our local nursery & picked up two large plants with COLOR! As I type this I'm thinking "who am I" HAHA. Once I blog this full space I'll share details on what they're sitting on & planted in etc.. First things first though is your thought on painting or staining the table.

So if you could please let me know what you guys think about this patio table! STAIN, PAINT OR LEAVE AS IS! I'm horrible when it comes to decision making & always love your input! You can leave me suggestions in the comments, via my social media outlets { top right corner} or email. 

As always THANK YOU for stopping in on my little growing blog. I know everyone says it, but I honestly appreciate each of you for sharing my posts, commenting etc....I'm not the biggest or most popular blogger , but I am humble, real & practical ,and  hopefully helpful or inspiring in someway :). 
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