Monday, October 1, 2018

{ Cottage Style Vintage Mill Picture Vignette }

Hey pals happy Monday & October!! Monday's aren't always my favorite but since it's the first of October it isn't so bad, right?! If you follow me via my social media outlets you know that I haven't been feeling well { uti } & Mark was going for some tests..I wasn't in the mood to travel, but Mark worked his magic & perked me up & we ended  up north at the cottage enjoying our 9th anniversary with a mini getaway... While I  was up there I  picked up two of the cutest mill pictures & the rest is history haha JK! So, the vintage mill look is something I'm super drawn to in my styling..Mill/harvest/cozy if you will! I loved the wood frames these were in & how simple but cozy they were. We got in late on Sunday & I literally ran in threw our bags down & grabbed a hammer haha..I mean if you know me, you know this isn't out of the norm for me haha! I through this little cozy cabinet vignette together & I wanted to share with you guys....Come take a peek below!

These little pictures are so charming! The simplistic look are what drew them to me! They fit this space that I had bare since our summer decor & now have these cuties hanging on this large wall in the upper living room! I thought about painting them white, but I actually love the wood frame especially for fall!

You guys know I had to add some pumpkins since it's October 1st! I mean who am I kidding I've had pumpkins out since September 1st haha! I love these simple white faux ones from Michaels! They're super light, affordable & versatile!

I finally got around the cleaning out that chippy cottage cabinet too, or at least a little! I have a ways to go with filling the shelves with some new collections, but for now they're holding mason jars, buckets & frames..basically all collections of anything ha!

I hope you guys likes this simple fall vignette! I'm pretty obsessed with these little treasures..I'm sure they'll be making an appearance around our house in the next weeks to come ha! 

Happy Monday!
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