Wednesday, December 12, 2018

{ Cozy Cottage Christmas Kitchen Window Decor }

Happy Wednesday pals!! It is only the middle of the week & it's been a doozy already!!! This has been a really hard year & the ending seems even harder. From health to my brand new Jeep being vandalized to business stuff etc.. One thing I always do when I'm stressed is clean & add charm to our little cottage...Our kitchen window isn't big or fancy by any means, but I didn't want that to detour me from decorating it since it's next to our cozy coffee/ tea/ cocoa bar. I added some cute simple items under our thriving Lemon Button Fern & it made alll the difference. Come see a quick look below!!
* Side Note: sorry about the quality I used my phone for this post, hope you don't mind.


Nothing fancy or staged, just some coffee cups, festive Christmas cup warmers, & a jar filled with yummy seasonal K-cups. Looking at this picture makes me want a Christmas mug for this space haha..


The thing that made this space was the Magnolia Home Hearth and Hand wallpaper backsplash we did back in the spring. I was sooo excited to debut it for Christmas!! 
● See DIY Backsplash HERE


I got this sign at the Target "dollar spot" for $3. The mini lanterns & mini rustic trees were all hand me downs. They fit perfectly on this little ledge & the lanterns at night look so cute lit up. Anddd can we take a moment to see a REAL live plant is still kicking over 6 months later in our house haha..WIN! 


I hope you liked this quick, not planned post. I'm laying here in bed finishing this & thinking sometimes the unplanned is the best...which is hard for a type A like myself. Anyways hope you enjoyed. Do you decorate around your kitchen window?? I think I need lights...hmmm. 

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Josh Bersin Saying, Your Christmas decor looks so cute and beautiful. You got amazing stuff and everything looks so beautiful! All of your Christmas decor looks so festive. You did a great job decorating. I love your posts as always. Thanks for the inspiration! Have a fabulous day!