Thursday, December 6, 2018

{ Winter Wonderland Christmas Cottage Basement }

Happy Friday pals! I don't know what it is about Thursday's these days but I'm DISLIKING them real bad these days!!! Three Thursday's in a row now that have went south real quick...eeek. I got sick on Thanksgiving, last Thursday a business issue & now yesterday one of our trucks wouldn't take the cold  #diesels & I had to miss my doctor appointment which was crucial...Something I've realized about having a bunch of stuff going on lately is that I just let things slide..I must be getting old haha..Instead of freaking out today & just simple herded all the dogs downstairs, lit some candles down in our lower level {basement } & put a bunch of movies on, edited for the blog, chatted with my sister,  & while the dogs napped I made some fresh chili & if I may say so it was DELISH! 
Today I wanted to share our lower level with you guys all sparkly & whimsical at night!!! I know night...what? It's going to be dark, nope..we get decent light down here & it just looked so cozy tonight not to break out my camera & photograph some pictures for you guys with all the trees lit up! I did have to improvise on something though...Come read more down below!
 *This post is Picture Heavy.

I usually always do color down here since the upstairs is always neutral because well that's been my style since long ago. I realized this Christmas that I was doing it ALL wrong haha. I realized the lower level should be all white, woods & neutral because the light is funky down here & the upstairs splash with Christmas color. I know everyone is into all neutral Christmas decor, but again since when do I follow the crowd haha.

I added the vintage pane I had laying around to add to the more modern fireplace. The white snowy stems I also had & I just added some vintage treasure I picked up at various barns etc..

If you've been following me for sometime you would know I FINALLY switched out the coffee table after 4 years...That has to be some record for me lol. I switch things out left & right but for some reason didn't find anything I liked until I looked right under my nose in my "stash" haha. Shop the house is my motto. 

I also had to get very crafty with this space because I had to unfortunately toss the huge white layered WHITE fleece rug. The puppy slipped under the dining room barn door & got downstairs, and well he had accidents all over it & I'm too much of a clean freak, so it got tossed. I forgive him but I got crafty & used a scrap blanket for that added snowy cozy texture under the table & vintage wood crate. I actually love it more no joke.

It's extra cozy with the fireplace on & the white flocked trees. Although this space needs new paint & carpet or maybe wood it's still cozy, clean & we love it for entertaining. 

P.S. I might show the dining area down here for Christmas too.. Are you interested?? Let me know in the comments!

The sparkles, vintage tobacco smell & Christmas lights have my soul so sound & warm..Enjoy the small things in life instead of needing more & more. Work for more but be grateful too... Sorry to get sappy on you guys, but it's been a rough year.

I layered banners for that whimsical magical feel. They are from Pottery Barn & HomeGoods a few years back.

These pillows I reused from our bedroom last year HERE  . I got them both for $10 at Walmart.


I hope you guys loved this lodge Christmas Cottage Wonderland. It holds some sentimental pieces my mom made for us like that fire etched moose & the sign over the TV. Lots of memories, laughs & tons of holidays down here. Who knew a simple basement could be so cozy?!


As always THANK YOU for stopping in on my little growing blog. I know everyone says something like this, but I honestly appreciate each of you for sharing my posts, commenting etc....I'm not the biggest or most popular blogger, but I am humble, real & practical ,and  hopefully helpful or inspiring in someway :). 
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