Sunday, February 3, 2019

{ Cozy Cabin Winter Fireplace Look!}

Hey pals welcome back!! It's been so hectic around here, which seems to be the running act around this time of the year. I finally got my Jeep back, we had an awesome Saturday house shopping/ viewing, parents time & some delicious but sinful food ha. Unfortunately, I woke up today pretty dizzy with this extreme weather change from -20 to 40 in a 48hr span. ..I do what I always seem to do when not feeling well...Style & clean up a new space in our little cottage! I mentioned a few post back that I feel my style changing from mainstream "farmhouse" to more cabin cottage with a more masculine warm touch...Well today's post is a little bit of that after I restyled our cozy living room mantel. I was going to style for spring but I just can't seem to let the trees & warm winter decor go yet...Trying to be more in the moment these days!! Anyways come take a quick peek below... 


This mantel came together in a typical "Paige" way... I removed this sign from out front as I was putting our holiday decorations away, but still wanted to use it inside somewhere. I set it up on the mantel & well this happened ha! 


These vintage mill photos hold special meaning to me as they're from our family cottage in northern Michigan. They are my grams & I just love them!!


Although almost everything BUT this cabin sign are authentic vintage treasures.. I still love the rustic cozy feel. It's a great replica & wasn't mass produced. 

Cozy, rustic & simple! Trying to get the most out of winter since I know it's not gone for sure yet haha.  Maybe it's just me, but after Christmas I just want winter over..


I sure do enjoy this view & it's coziness!  Our little cottage entails everything I strive to make a home! I will miss it, but just enjoying it until we find another cozy project to take on. What's your favorite thing to add in your home for coziness ? I hope you love this!!

Happy Sunday!

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