Tuesday, June 18, 2019

{ Stay Organized Simply..}

Organization...Not my biggest achievement but I like to think I keep things in order pretty well around here ha!!  So, a little back story.. I've always been type A. I like my things in order, answers right away & I'm not a patient person..hence the no children  yet, if ever! Anyways, with being inpatient & "Type A" I like my things to be easily accessible & look neat! This has been one of those topics I've been asked about more than once..not a million but enough, so I thought I'd do A QUICK post about it. The answer however is quite simple..


For me jotting down something is no big deal. I've been writing since I was a little girl & it's definitely a passion of mine! I take both tangible notes on paper & notes in my phone on the "Notepad". I will say, with all my pass codes, social links etc.. I write down almost everything!! I have horrible short term memory, which doesn't help either eeek!!. I use my phones notepad the most with categories I made up like..•Home, • Work, • Chores etc... I will add & then delete once I've completed that task!


Catch up day for me is Thursday! Thursday's I take the whole day to do errands, groceries, emails, Jeep maintenance, blog work & home + cleaning! I chose  Thursday long ago ,because it's near the end of the week but not Friday!! I like to have everything done before the weekend starts, so Thursday's are definitely busy around our cottage!! There's nothing more relaxing than a deep cleaned home, full fridge & fresh bedding before the weekend starts!!


Not purging of things that clutter & jumble your living/ working or both spaces  regularly only lead to negative bombarded messes!! Go through your fridge, laundry, bills etc.. GET RID OF THE J U N K!!


Make sure you're giving yourself enough time to complete task thoroughly! Nothing more frustrating than revisiting something because of errors. Stay organized, focused & set correct amounts of time to stay organized with tasks or work events or deadlines.


I know this will be the least  popular bullet point, but it's true!! I'm someone who loves routine!! I have many of them that keep me healthily moving along, even with autoimmune issues. I make sure all animals are fed before bed, kitchen is spruced up , clothes picked out { unless weekend or off day} outgoing mail is ready & the pillows are neat on the sofa. Simple routines help ease the mind & body!

I hope these 5 simple organizational tips help you. I'm easy peasy so no huge planner, guide or agenda..just simple me with simple routines. ▪︎ How do YOU stay organized?

Happy Wednesday!

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