Sunday, July 14, 2019

{ New Cozy Summer Dining Room Look }

FRIYAYYY! I've been craving simple open spaces in our home since it got warm! Still cozy, but definitely dialed down with just simple farm + cottage goods & of course antiques! In the dining room we painted the table fresh white, took the leaf out, removed the wood hutch & wood bookshelf. We replaced  it with a diy side stove shelf that I'll be sharing soon.  I also removed any color & just stuck with simple kitchen goods & lots of charm. 


This wall will be getting a big change soon, but for now these vintage vegetable prints that I painted white will do!! These vintage gold rimmed dishes compliment that cottage feel. 

Dainty cottage goodness♡


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This is my favorite little corner!! Garden simplicity at it's finest!! Added some cozy pillows & farmhouse stool..voila!


Some of my favorite goodies. Everything cute, fresh & simple!


Hope you liked this simple summer dining refresher!! Feels so much bigger & brighter through these hot days!! 

Happy Monday!

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