Tuesday, August 20, 2019

{ Garage Barn Makeover UPDATE! }

This was one of our bigger projects we took on this summer around our little cottage { two more coming}!! Not only did I want to change the big white wood garage for ambiance/ decor , but also because it needed a bit of repair! The puppy & rain + elements have done a number on it, so it was time to get painting! I decided on the color  "Red Candle" from Behr. It's a true vibrant red & I'm super excited to style it for Fall & Christmas! We will be adding something else color wise as well..more to show soon! Today I'm here with an update! We have a lot to paint &  trim out but should be done soon!! It's been so wet & hot here it's unbearable, not to mention I have a softball hematoma in my leg..somehow?!


It looks much darker red in person, and no worries this is only the first coat!! I'm excited to freshen up the door too with pure white & the little cottage hardware! 

• Side Note: don't mind my stockpile.. the inside is getting scrubbed & painted too. We use our barn garage a lot & its insulated with a working corner shop! Definitely time for a CLEAN & paint so we can continue to use!!


See that square spot not painted? Ya, that's where the puppy " Swartz the Wart" chewed the wood... Ahh! 


Time & time again we choose @behr !! Long lasting, affordable + the color selection is great. We bought a 5 gallon...Hope it's enough. 
I can't tell you how ready I am to get this done & styled!!!


Hope you like when I share progress pics...Projects may seem quick but unless you're hiring out, have ample time etc.. they're going to take some time.. Thanks for always checking in, encouraging & sharing in with our normal life one project at a time...

Happy Wednesday!

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