Tuesday, September 24, 2019

{ Easiest Pumpkin Display for Indoors or Outdoors }

Happy Tuesday pals & welcome back to TQS from northern Michigan!! If you've been following on my social media outlets you'd know we're up north celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary { September 26th }. We are so blessed to have a cottage in west Michigan to go & unwind, enjoy great food, lakes & antique!! We will be up here for 5.5 days & a few locations...One thing I've noticed is the abundance of pumpkins up here compared to the city or "down state". It got me thinking about how to share an EASY + AFFORDABLE & COZY way to display pumpkins both inside & out....Here's the simplest way:...Keep reading below!



So, let me explain a little more in depth..I wanted to share something to display pumpkins for the season for any home or style & that's doable for both inside & outside!!


.Galvanized Buckets
. Hampers
.Picnic Baskets
.Firewood pals

I chose to use this firewood pal because it added that vintage charm & fall feeling..Plus it fit quite a bit of pumpkins!!
I just piled in the larger faux cream ones & them staggered the smaller ones effortlessly!



This pumpkin display idea can be used both indoors or outdoors on patios & porches. 
When using outdoors be sure to use faux plastic or real, not burlap or cotton/ fabrics!

I hope you loved this simple & mostly VERSATILE seasonal decor idea for your home! I'm sorry it's a bit short, I'm actually in the jeep way up in northern Michigan on my 10 year anniversary. Okay, off to enjoy!


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