Monday, December 9, 2019

{ Chippy Vintage Cubby Table }

Happy Tuesday! So a few weeks ago Mark had a job & he came home with two of my favorite things!!... furniture pieces & a Christmas tree! Both my favorite & in very good condition..This table is the cutest little vintage gem. I don't think I've ever shared this on the blog,but I love cozy cubby furniture & white porcelain pieces! When Mark asked if I wanted this I instantly said YES!! Little did I know all the charm it had...cubby aesthetic, chippy cream paint, wood extenders & original porcelain knobs...MY FAV! Come see this little gem a bit closer below...


This is probably the most simple posts I've  ever done...couple comfy pillows,  white chunky candles , a textured basket...I just wanted the piece to really stand out!!


I love that it has extenders on both sides with the original wood pulls.. & not to mention the original white porcelain knobs!! The charm & sturdiness  of this cute table are endless!! The cubby drawers are clean & super nice size for storage etc..


I just washed it up with some Mrs Meyers spray & left it as is. I love the chippy creamy ran peach for now with Christmas!! Fits beautifully with the old fashioned browns going on in here..


I hope you loved this new piece!! I'm  so curious as to what some of you favorite pieces of furniture are to look for or collect? Let me know in the comments!

HAPPY Tuesday!
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