Wednesday, January 22, 2020

{ Simple Cottage Bedroom Chandelier }

One thing that I have learned since blogging is sometimes you have to compromise in decor if something isn't working correctly! I mean I guess that's life in many ways too... Actually that's been my life for the last year or more..COMPROMISE! My health is at an all time low & so I have to compromise a lot of the time these days! One space I've always compromised in is our master! I love the space but it's not exactly how I would have it..I would add walk- in closets, a centered window & a few other things... Well fast forward to today & I decided I was over compromising on not having a pretty chandelier in there! I decided to add an old bed & breakfast circa 1930 one!! My dad converted it to a plug in years back, so all I had to do was swag the chain, clip the chain & hide the excess cord!  Come the freshened up bedroom & "new" old chandy...


The charm,  history & overall vintage feel of this piece is stunning! I do see though I need to polish it up ha..Good ole photography always picking up the dust haha..real life folks!!


I don't think since adding fresh white bedding,  new throw pillows & the chippy fireplace I've  blogged this space...To be honest it needs new paint, bed frame & the lighting was / is super bad in here. It's one of my favorite spaces though, go figure..


Super excited to get this space spruced up & actually decorated for spring...big vision!!


After I photographed this spot, I remembered I had these crisp white chandelier shades...whooops!! Ugh, so I snapped a few night shots..I took a pole on Instagram too..Most said without! I'm on the fence!! 


We're planning on a new BIG piece for this area soon, but until then the new vintage chandy, warm fireplace { this rooms so cold} & new bedding will do!!

Happy Thursday!!

Wishing you all a happy & healthy Friday & weekend!
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