Sunday, March 1, 2020

{ Weekend Greenhouse Recap Video }

I don't have anything to offer you, sell you or promote, but I do have some cozy spring goodness to share with you!! Sometimes life gets hard, thing's get chaotic & you just need a day of errands & some fun mixed in!! Today { Saturday} we had a list a mile long { ahhh } but instead of complaining we did them & while coming back, I spotted the cutest hidden little greenhouse on the side of the road{ totally unexpected }! We weren't too far from home  but they're very scarce around our area, so it was such a refreshing treat! The warmth,  fresh plants & sunny, but ice cold day was so fun!!! Come see a little tour of this old chippy roadside greenhouse we found on a whim...

Little fun fact about me...I LOVE old vintage architecture on greenhouses! Like, I'm obsessed.. so when we pulled up to this old farmhouse with the vintage charm I started photographing right away ha!

Things to Visit a Greenhouse for:

  • Terracotta pots
  • Plant markers / labels
  • Succulents 
  • Topiary 
  • Herbs
  • Tools
  • Larger plants
  • Seeds

Outtakes: I almost fell in sticky mud ha! #thankgoshforboots



I basically wanted everything in this packed vintage greenhouse! It smelled so fresh, alive & warm..A great refreshment from the sunny but frigid  air outside!


I almost asked if these were for sale hahah...They had the cutest most hidden treasures sprouted about the main greenhouse!


This was the best most busy+ productive weekend together in sometime! It's nice to have Mark along & of course behind the camera for me, helping produce content!! 

Do you have a greenhouse by you? I'm so happy I found this one on the outskirts but still close to our town!! They bring so much charm & rejuvenation from nature..oh & they're inspiring!

HAPPY Monday!
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