Tuesday, May 5, 2020

{ Vintage Patriotic Dining Room }

One time of the year I look forward to as in decorating & activities more or as equal as Christmas is Memorial Day + Fourth of July! I love the fun vintage patriotic decor, ease into summer feel! This year I decided  to go with a vintage minimal colonial vibe! I had some new items from my gram she had tucked away for 40+ years , so I wanted to use them! Come see more below...


I shared on stories I was painting these galvanized olive bucket hanging pots & I'm so glad I did!! The chippy white is bright fresh & gives this barn door even more charm!!!! I stuck a few mini flags in & one of my favorite aprons & instantly festive!!


This Colonial inspired dining room came together basically effortlessly! I hung the picture,  painted the frame, rehung the mantel & added some festive Memorial Day stuff. Flags, vintage statues,  dark boxwood greens & FLAGS!!


This centerpiece was the simplest way to display some flags, vintage masons, candlesticks & the 1950 grocery basket itself! It was my grams' & from a Canadian grocery store !

Simple, cozy, festive &summery! 


What did y'all think about this vintage Memorial Day decor in our dining room ?  When do you decorate for Memorial Day? Are you a patriotic decor lover too?

HAPPY Thursday!
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