Thursday, July 2, 2020

{ Dining Room Table DIY }

Another fresh new week of endeavors! Hope your 4th of July holiday weekend was safe + fun! I mentioned via my Instagram that this was the first time in 6 years we weren't in Northern Michigan enjoying the cottage & holiday festivities! I won't go into detail but a few things fell through with the dogs & we ultimately decided to stay home..But y'all we had the BEST weekend right here at our suburban cottage!! From junk food, club car rides, amazing patio firework show, friends, garden work & DIY!! Today I'm sharing that last tid bit..DIY!! I had been wanting to refresh this vintage dining set for quite sometime but got busy & the weather wasn't great! Well, that all changed this weekend.....


Thankfully through this whole process of revamping this table I had my little team helping me. They helped lift the chairs outside, & even lent a hand in spraying the chairs!! It turned into a great 4th of July day/ night. Mark was having severe carpal tunnel flare in his hands { from a severe car accident} so we let him rest for once ha.

These chairs didn't need any sanding which was amazing! They were smooth & only had one worn coat of black paint. We used 9 cans for all four chairs, table base & 1 other small dining item. Because they are solid wood they did absorb the spray paint well & generously! 

I chose Rust-oleum spray paint for these because I knew it adheres easily,  smoothly & was a quicker process than brush painting the million nooks in these vintage chairs! The white paint compliments the distressed worn edges on the tabletop!

It's prime summertime here in Michigan,  so fresh bright white mixed with lavender sprigs & more white decor seemed right..I never would use purple otherwise but this muted lavender,  & fresh cottage vibe spoke to me! 

I love the raw wood top paired with our 1930s barn door so much, I didn't dare paint it!! The wood tones compliment & warm the white space up just enough!

Are you working on any summer projects? I'd love to know if you are..Leave a comment below or send me a photo via the" contact " on the right sidebar of the blog! 
Now for the big Question: Black wood or the new fresh white wood? 

HAPPY Monday 
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