Tuesday, November 3, 2020

{ Simple Christmas Touches }

 One thing I always want to  show on here are the simple ways you can add coziness to your home, the REAL & THRIFTY way. No unlimited budgets, mass amounts of goods or help. This past weekend I decorated for Christmas...A bit early for most, but not this holiday decor loving blogger haha! I only brought out a few items but decorated both the upstairs family room & dining room..The most effortlessly simple comfy decor! Today I'm sharing the dining room! Come see some Christmas touches below...


I hate to admit this but I always like more decor than less. I also thought more meant cozier, until a few years ago. Less can add so much more to the eye because you're focused on a few great items rather than a bunch of overwhelming pieces!


• Use items you use..Like coffee mugs!
• Bring in the seasons from outside! I used these faux snowballs & pinecone!
• Use sentimental items! I displayed this handmade sign from Mark's gram!
• Use larger scale items!
• Arrange items in a cozy fashion! I usually set in groups of 3, placing one large item on either side, tallest in back & smallest in front!
• Make your own decor/ displays! I used my favorite old frame & placed a huge flocked wreath inside. 

•Bringing the outdoors in, with these faux snowballs 

• Make your own decor display, like the vintage frame & wreath

• Arrange things cozy , like these 3 cozy items as the centerpiece 

• Use sentimental items , like the sign

What do you think about these ideas? I love that this year's decor I can use for winter decor after! Simple sometimes is more! What's your theme this year? 

Happy Wednesday!
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