Wednesday, December 2, 2020

{ DIY Primitive Christmas Orange Centerpiece }

 Happy Wednesday! What a great but super busy day around here! The sun was out, it was 45 { oh us Michiganders ha } and I got so much accomplished! From outside errands, pharmacy, photoshoot props, meeting, homemade hearty spaghetti dinner & vlog..I'm pooped, but in the best way! I love huge productive inspiring days like today!

So, a little back story..I photographed our 2020 Christmas Porch HERE & after I had already posted my mom dropped of a fresh wreath! What to do? CENTERPIECE!! I brought it inside after a few days & set it on our 1940s wood table..Fast forward to today at our local specialty market while getting dinner supplies I spotted the most fragrant & voluptuous Naval oranges & bam the wheels started spinning ha! Come see more below for this under $30 holiday centerpiece idea!

I'm big on natural scents & just scrumptious stuff like cinnamon, evergreens, orange etc.. Well all three are in this centerpiece/ tablescape! The oranges & evergreens alone make it feel so cozy & festive!! 
If we're being completely honest I wasn't going to blog orange Christmas decor this year, since I did it last year, but these were too delicious & vibrant...It's so popular this year! 



  • Wreath any size for your table
  • Basket of any sorts 
  • Towel for layering/ warmth
  • Oranges
  • Any other decor { candles, pinecones, cutlery }


Simply take a wreath { real or faux } place it on your table. Grab a basket, bowl or anything & fill inside with oranges stacked! I used a cloth black check towel for a touch of primitive & layering! 
Add candlesticks & cutlery/ cutting boards for that comfy festive Christmas charm! 

I had to cut into one of these as soon as the shoot was done! The most delicious juicy oranges!

We enjoyed a scrumptious hearty homemade spaghetti dinner under candlelight...So cozy!!

My favorite part about this Christmas dining room...The oranges of course, but the garland lights with a hint of orange glow against the sign!! Talk about charming!!!!


I mixed in check, stoneware crocks & wood for the touch of primitive! I can't say How much I love it!!

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