Wednesday, December 16, 2020

{ Snowy Christmas Cottage Porch }

 Heyyyyyy pals! I wanted to quickly & I mean quickly jump on the keyboard & write a few things & show you all our first snow filled Christmas porch of the season! I've had quite the day with appointments &  more appointments plus waking up with two completely red eyes...Yup, that kind of day haha! Although, it wasn't fun walking around in the snow with fogged glasses, a bum foot & red eyes..It was breathtakingly refreshing pulling up to our little red brick cottage with snow on the porch!!! I snapped a few shots & well come get cozy!

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I've always been a lover of snow. I love the excitement, look & how it makes everything cozy! We haven't had much snow up here in Michigan, but wait til January hit- yikes haha!!

The ever so faint tree lights look so whimsical & magical sparkling through the dusting of snow! 
•Side Note: The Ski sign must've got wind OCD straightness is kicking in ha. 


This little red brick cottage is the cutest around this time of year!! It's like it's meant for snow ha. I will admittedly say, after Christmas I'm over snow though.

Hope you liked this little snowy Christmas porch look! Do you like snow or get any where you live?

HAPPY Wednesday!
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