Monday, March 15, 2021

{ Rustic Mason Jar Mantel }

 Two blog post in one day...Productive Monday ehh, well at least on the blog ha! Although the rest of my week's list is still lingering, I did get the mantel finished!! I've had this idea about a dried flower potting shed look with a hint of vintage countryside cottage charm... I'm horrible at explaining I know haha. Anyways come read more below on how this spring mantel kind of just fell into place Sunday...


On Friday night my mom had dropped some goodies off. You see on her breaks @ U of M hospital she stops in at the gift shop & picks unique treasures up for me here & there. While I was dropping some sheets off she handed me this bag of pear scented potpourri... Now usually not my thing & at this point I didn't even think about the use. I set it aside until yesterday  { Sunday} & as I was cleaning of the mantel I got the idea I've been cooking up in my decor brain ha. { read above if you skipped  }. 


The beautiful spring dried sprigs were perfect for my idea.. I grabbed some antique mason jars from  a trip to Kennebunkport Maine & filled some beauty in them!


I absolutely love all the dried flowers,  fragrant boxwood & colorful stems! The simplicity of the flowers, masons & vintage seltzer bottle finish this mantel!


Spring has spring here at The Quaint Sanctuary!


Lots of textures, brass, white & tan dried stems. Vintage garden goodness! I dream of one day having a chippy old green potting/ canning / dried flower barn or shed with all the vintage pots & tools !! Charm galore!

This was definitely a lesson in ' don't judge ' . I had no plans to use this potpourri  { or would buy it } ,but it kinda of just fell into my hands & it was just the item I needed for this space...without even knowing it! P.s. THANKS MOM!

Hope you loved this spring inspiration!

HAPPY Monday!

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