Sunday, June 13, 2021

{ Antique Trunk Table Makeover }

 Well, happy Monday pals!! The weekend flew by, which is always a bummer! Tomorrow I'm embarking on what might be a new adventure { I'll update soon} & I'm a bit nervous....You know what that means, DIY & blogging! I actually meant to blog this a week ago when I first painted it on a whim in 90 degree weather at 8pm at night ha!... Come see the new coffee table trunk & a peek at what color it was...


It's true that having bigger pieces can actually make a space work better or make a space seem bigger! Although, this space is quite large { 19 × 21 } this large trunk give this space a bold focal point & lots of storage! 
• still lined with original fabric.  Cleaned & disinfected for use!!


The original color was green, but not a real garden green or vintage green, but more a John Deere green. We just couldn't make it work in this space, so I whipped out the Modern Masters paint!

The brass paint is super easy to use  & this whole trunk only took one small jar! The trunk is metal & the thick paint is needed! It looks fresh, vintagey & adds warmth, storage & character to the upstairs living room!!


I'm so glad I restored this trunk back to it's somewhat original form or at least what I think it might have looked like! A beautiful antique trunk , now used as our coffee table. 

HAPPY Monday!
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