Monday, August 2, 2021

{ Cottage Mailbox Makeover }

 As I was getting the mail the other day I realized that our rusted cobweb mailbox had seen better days.....I had bought this metal mailbox from Pottery Barn when we moved in 9 years ago! Honestly from the reviews I was a bit scared, but it's held up pretty decently, especially in our wacky Michigan weather! Today after the cobweb fiasco I decided it was time for a " Paige " kind of 30 minute makeover! Making things come together & comfy for the time being is always my immediate goal. Will the area change? Absolutely! But enjoy it while in the moment! Come see what I used & how it came out below....


As you can see from the above photo....yikes! Like, was it pre Halloween haha.  This poor area was neglected because honestly the other side is the actual porch, although the covered overhang is over it all.  ** sorry I started painting before photo ing  ha, it was dark rusted grey.. #typical 

I'm still amazed at my ability to use some simple leftover Behr white paint & scheme up a nearly free refresh. Yup, you read that correctly..regular leftover paint!!!  After I painted the mailbox I ended up painting the light & cabinet too. I ran some brass paint smudged it over the embossed ' mail' wording on the mailbox! I used a bit around the rim of the barnhouse light too, it added some warmth, yet modern cottage appeal!

•• I sprayed everything with clear  finish by Rust-oleum. 

I still can't believe I paid almost $100 for this in 2012 -ish!! It definitely needed a little freshen up. Other than that it's large, secure & we love it for now!

The other day here on the blog I shared the other side of this little  porch! This side of the porch just has tall grasses, but lately Mark's been rearranging the front garden area..He also put this little cabinet here! I actually wasn't for it at first until I actually got to physically see it & the potential! I love how deep it is, perfect drop area when opening the door, packages, salt, Mark's boots etc.. So of course I had to paint it along with the light & mailbox..& then well here we are haha!

Anyone know what this cabinet was actually for? I haven't yet looked & definitely don't know at this point...

I hope you liked this quick front mail center refresh! Sometimes I dream up these ideas at night & sometimes 10 minutes before I start them. This one was a win. Quick, simple & thrifty!! 

HAPPY Tuesday!
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