Sunday, August 22, 2021

{ Fall Gourd Preserving Tips }

 So if you've been following the blog lately you would know I've been on this gourd/ pumpkin patch kick for a few weeks now! After a huge patch started growing { what I thought were pumpkins } are actually gourds!! I've always wanted to grow gourds/ pumpkins, so it's been fun! Fun fact: we didn't even plant seeds..Thank you nature & my papa above who loved to grow pumpkins! Anyways I wanted to pick + style them & give some tips on preserving them to display around your home for fall etc.. I'm no gardner or arborist, but I did gather some useful information for you all...Keep reading below!


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I just love the unique detail of each one!! There's about seven here & a bunch more still growing! I wanted to use them to style as they're really not for consumption apparently! 



  • Spray a household disinfectant or alcohol on them
  • Cut stem but don't expose gourd or they'll rot
  • Pick when the leaves turn brown
  • Keep in warm dry area
  • Spray with a clear sealer


I know, I know they're not pumpkins, but I loved this sign I made a few years back & it added to this mantel look!! Lots of warm brown textured baskets, gourds, candles & cozy fall touches!


I hope you liked this little tutorial on how to preserve gourds I think they're so pretty & uni& still can't believe we have a huge gourd patch...Truly a gift especially with everything going on lately.  It's the little things.... If you have any other gourd preserving tips let me know in the comments!!

HAPPY Sunday!
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