Monday, November 15, 2021

{ Cute Quaint Christmas Porch }

 Today was supposed to be a work day...Unfortunately I knew a few days ago I was heading for a fibromyalgia flare up...Not fun & very debilitating.  I did decide to get some blog work done while nestled in my pjs sipping camomile tea! I shot these a few days ago while enjoying the fresh winter air...Come see my 2021 holiday porch below!


I went super simple out here...well simple in Paige's world ha! Little cozy porch decor for a little snowy cottage! The snow finally melted here & things were dry & ready to be styled...I only lasted 25 minutes out there in the winds though! 


This space was inspired by the few new goods I picked out at Target a couple weeks back!! The mini Christmas cottage homes, sign & throw! Everything else was from a former photoshoot!

I will never tire of Christmas or winter decor! I also love the vintage white picket fence we installed this summer peeking from the garage!!


I hope you guys liked this little snowy cottage porch!! It's one of  my most favorite areas to bring inspiration too & hopefully this gave you some ideas!

HAPPY Tuesday!
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