Sunday, December 12, 2021

{ Modern Cottage Santa Bedroom }

 Ahhhh I'm so excited to share this space with you on this busy December Sunday!! I love this space, because well, it's my bedroom! Extra comfy, my sanctuary & rejuvenation! With that being said, this space is super hard to shoot { odd light distribution / layout } on any given day! Today I worked super hard on capturing this freshened modern cottage Christmas room! I can't believe how bright & cozy it turned out FINALLY after all these years of blogging ha! Anyways enough trying to describe it, just come take a look below... .


This year was all about the fresh, minimal but comfy look! I added a simple iron candle chandelier, Christmas chalkboard, Santa pillow & vintage Christmas throw! Crate & Barrel  was a huge inspiration! They're always on point with design, textures, decor & ambiance.


I added some green & gold wrapping paper with a classic chunky red ribbon to hold them together! 
Side Note: I forgot to light the fireplace candles for this shoot....


The holiday chalkboard is from @homegoods & is actually the one used in the photo that's in this month's Country Woman magazine of our mantel!! The classic Santa pillow was a gift as a child & the bulb throw is a family antique I was passed down!


My favorite candle { vanilla bean } , vintage TV tray I use for my laptop while working in here, wooden tree art on the wall & that pretty much completes this Christmas bedroom look! I'm bummed I did get fresh cypress this year, but I sure am pleased with this photoshoot.


I'm learning the old saying "sometimes simple is better" is actually better! The lit white light garland adds that whimsical/ magical aspect. 


Do you decorate your bedroom or night space for the holidays? Also, poll here, who loves the anticipation of the holidays the most? I love the lead up to!!!

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