Sunday, January 9, 2022

{ Fresh Winter Collected Cabinet }

 Wow what a hiatus from the blog!! I'm so sorry it's been over two weeks since I posted!! I didn't intentionally do that, I've been physically sick since the last week in December! Christmas was a bit rough/ different this year but nonetheless still amazing!!.. Until I got extremely sick!! I ran a 103 temp for days, bronchitis & just grossness. More unfortunately so my family got sick { I had something different} , so I felt helpless for them. Today though I'm back with a freshened up whole house & one particular space/ piece for winter!! Come see the first freshened up area of 2022 below...


This cabinet needed attention so badly! I wiped, organized & displayed my glass antique bottle/ mason jar collections & added a ton of warm winter textures, candles, woods & of course vintage goods!


I kept the inside simple with my glass collections, baskets & items that I use/ match one another for a cohesive fresh clean appearance. 


The pine trees on top of the cabinet are faux & the coffee table top one is real! I'm doing my best to keep it alive....


This cabinet throughout the year from different stylings/ shoot can become the "catch-all" , so it needed a simple cleaning & styling...


I hope you enjoyed this fresh winter cabinet!! I just thought, I should've shown a ' before' photo, but that would have just been embarrassing haha!! 
• What's the first area you tackled after the holidays??

As always THANK YOU for stopping in on my little growing blog. I know everyone says something like this, but I honestly appreciate each of you for sharing my posts, commenting etc....I'm not the biggest or most popular blogger, but I am humble, real & practical ,and hopefully helpful or inspiring in someway :). 
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