Tuesday, February 17, 2015

{ DIY 'Welcome' Sign }

Today I'm sharing a cute & simple DIY  { Welcome } sign! I've been searching for something to hang in our little entryway with our little rustic watering can, but haven't been able to find anything , so I made something for under $10 !! 

I picked up some simple rustic polka dot wrapping paper at +Marshalls  for under $3 & grabbed a wooden 'welcome' sign from +Michaels Stores  for $1! I had the frame  { +Target  $4 } from a previous project!!

Placed the glass over the back of the paper & cut to measurements! 
The wooden decal wasn't a 'stick on' so I just used some industrial glue I had. I used a generous amount & then let the glue become tacky before pushing the decal on the glass! 

Note: Be sure to wipe any excess glue from in between the lettering with a cloth . I had a bit of run-off but it adds charm right haha!? 

The watering can is from Kohl's $3!! 
The frame I distressed a bit with some dark wax around the edges! 
I love the way it turned out!! The simple white flowers & touch of metal from the can bring such a spring feel! 


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