Wednesday, February 25, 2015

{ Hauls...why they're good }

       Today I'm sharing all about why shopping hauls are beneficial especially if you're constantly changing out decor or love staying with the current trends! Me, I don't care for most trends, I'd rather stick to classic traditional items that can be used in different spaces for different occasions etc.. Since blogging became my job I've really noticed which stores you can really do 'Hauls' & actually save the bank account from going completely empty!  I'm sharing a few of my favorite stores & why doing hauls at them can help you stock up on decor goods for less & save time! 

  If you're like me I usually go out shopping when something pops in my head that I can't improvise or make myself ..right?! Well, I don't really do that anymore, I actually go shopping pry twice a month & do  mini hauls on items that can be used for various occasions & holidays over & over, but in a different way. When you're shopping for specific item you're hunting so hard that most of the time when you find that item you're willing to spend just about anything & the item is strictly for one idea,project, holiday etc..When you do mini hauls like Michael's dollar days, IKEA'S thrifty bins , or Target's dollar spots you grab various goods that you don't necessarily need at the exact time,but could use down the road . Pick the items up that you see right then & there because they're usually on the cheap & can be used just about anywhere! If you shop at stores like Michaels, IKEA, or Target they usually have trendy & mixed in traditional/ regular home items in the dollar sections. I'm going to share two pictures below of an IKEA & Target haul from the dollar basket sections!! My favorite is probably Target & Michaels just because they do switch out the items quite frequently ,yet always seem to have some basic dollar goods consistently stocked in the bins which is nice !

 This haul I  did 2 days ago +Target Marketing Solutions - Internet Marketing ! I love these items because every item including the wire basket can be used for different things throughout the year. Spring, summer,Easter etc..The basket, chevron candle,'M' & chalkboard all cost under $14!!!

This haul I did when I revamped my sisters bedroom a few months ago! We picked up some basic items- candles, pillow cases, plush throw, planters & floral inserts..all which can be used for different seasons & settings because they're mostly neutral goods. These items were priced mid range from +IKEA USA !!

Thanks for stopping by ! Have fun with decorating while making your  sanctuary budget friendly ! Happy hauling guys!!


Persia Lou

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