Thursday, May 7, 2015

{ $10 DIY Daisy Wreath }

Happy Friday loves!! This week literally flew by with the combination of projects, weather & life!! The weekend here in the north is suppose to be not so nice { bummer } so I decided to get two projects I've been wanting to complete finished! This is the simplest & cutest little vibrant wreath & all for under $10!! I'm a wreath queen & I've been drooling over the boxwood wreaths from Target, but I can't bring myself to pay over $40!!!! I'm shocked half the time with the prices of wreaths, so I made my own!! 

Keep reading below for this easy tutorial!

. Tutorial .

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Start with a plain branch wreath! These can be purchased at the dollar store or Dollar Tree!! Add the burlap ribbon or bow if you want or just keep it simple without a bow!


Cut the stems  off of the Daisies { Dollar Store } to about 4 inches! You can use razor scissors or artificial plant snips which can also be purchased for a $1 +Dollar Tree !

** You'll need about two bouquets of Daisies { $2 }!


Take the cut Daisies & stick them through the wreath in a round directions until it's filled!  After you stick all the Daisies through the wreath turn the wreath over & snip the rest of the stem almost off, but leave a little bit so the stem is still secure!


Pick a ribbon & attach to the top through a branch, hang & enjoy!!

Side Note: You can also skip the ribbon & just set the wreath on something like pictured here! Either way is super cute & easy! I'll be showing the other way in the next post- stay tuned!!!

I chose to place it on our little fireplace mantel until I reveal why & where I actually made it for!!! I love how summery & rustic it is & bonus it was super simple!!! 

Bright & fresh ,and all for under $10!! I hope you have fun making one of these! I forgot to mention this tutorial is good for any flower of choice, just make sure the stems aren't really thick! See sometimes it pays to use cheaper materials for simple DIY projects like this hehe! 

Have a happy & healthy Friday!! 


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