Thursday, May 14, 2015

{ DIY Farmhouse Flower Mascot Sign! }

Wow, I can't believe it's Thursday already!! I've been keeping busy with a few little project this week one being this simple rustic art!! I wanted something summery that signified our home, yet rustic so I broke out my Americana Decor chalk paints & whipped a little something up!! I'm still undecided where this piece will go, but it's perfect for summer! I've always loved Hydrangeas so I made them our house mascot haha! The project cost nearly nothing as the wood was free &  the paints I had & mixed to get different colors!  I'm no artist { That's my BFA sister,Olivia } but I think for a rustic piece anyone could do this! Keep reading below to see how you can make one!!


I've said this before, but always start off chalking out what you're drawing{ Tip from my sister}!  It makes mistakes easy to wipe away & it gives a nice platform to measure distance/spacing when writing or drawing!


I chalked out our last name, then outlined the letters using the color 'Serene'! I wanted a thicker edge so I used the flat of the brush to make an even thick line!

Note: I did mix a bit of ' Yesteryear' into the Serene color!

To make the petals ,simply dip the tip of your brush in paint & make circles { Less perfect the better } in an overall circular motion for the bloom look. I looked at a picture while I was painting them. I used two different paint colors for the petals & then placed green/ cream dots for the centers. After the paint dried I used a blue/purple marker to add depth to the flower & then used my wire brush to distress & lessen the color and harshness!! 


The Hydrangea flower symbolizes heartfelt emotion & gratitude all which describe our little family. Do you have a particular flower that you love or you feel represents your family? I know my late great grandpas was a Poppy & my moms is a Daisy..I just love flowers even though as mentioned before I'm a ' Black Thumb' ;) ! I hope you've enjoyed this little summery DIY! 

Have a great night guys!


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