Friday, July 10, 2015

{ DIY Summery Fireplace Mantel Box }

Hey everyone!! I hope you guys are having a great end to the week & have some fun stuff planned for the weekend!! Today I'm sharing this nifty little piece { I've been meaning to blog } that my husband found in our neighbors trash one weekend. It's the cutest little two-drawer box!! I knew when he brought it home I was going to keep it the vintage garden green it was painted, but I wanted to distress & take the sheen away from the paint...typical haha! I used some sand paper I had laying around & hand sanded it for a few minutes & distressed the edges back to the original undertone of the wood!! 

The neighbor we got this from was a wood worker, so he may have made this..not quite sure, but I love it!! It's unique & fits perfect on our mantel! It started out this vintage glossy green..

I ended up sanding all the gloss away &  distressing the edges to highlight/ outline the box & bring some of the natural wood up! Such a simple project!!!

Side Note: The hardware was so simple & cute I decided to keep it- score!!!

I wanted it to be cottageyy & have almost a potting bench feel! I used some pots I had from Dollar Tree , some free mason jars, greenery, vintage books & an old lantern! I basically I wanted a cute garden-ish mantel with some cute rustic junk ;) !

Those glasses are from our trip to Torch Lake last summer. We were snorkeling & my hubby found them! We kept them as a little lake treasure & I thought they looked perfect in their rustic charm sitting there.

The white lace wall planters are from +IKEA USA  & the greenery is from +Michaels Stores !

It's lined inside with some cute paper, I may change it, but for now it's fine. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this simple DIY! I think it adds so much charm in our living room &  gives our little electric fireplace some character!  It's perfect in our little suburban cottage!

Have a great weekend friendsss!!


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