Monday, July 13, 2015

{ Easiest Chalkboard Tutorial EVER! }

I know what you're thinking...another chalkboard tutorial ,right?! Well I promise this tutorial is the easiest one yet!! This tutorial involves no cutting of wood, framing etc..Just a dollar store frame or mirror , chalkboard paint & some $2 chalk &  $1 wire brush!


1.) Pick a cheap frame/mirror { Both of mine are  from Dollar Tree }. Take the decorative insert out & flip the glass over & begin painting! I like to paint mine while it's placed on the back of the frame { secures it in place }. If you're using a mirror just wipe clean & begin painting!!!

**This is a silver lined $1 mirror & I used +Target  line of chalkboard paint in "Devine Coal" & for the Coffee framed chalkboard I used Rust-oleum brand! I like both, however they are a bit different. The Rust-oleum brand is a bit thicker & actually dries quicker, but it leaves grooves..The Target brand is much thinner & darker ,and takes longer to dry, but is much smoother!!
Side Note: If you want more of a rustic looking chalkboard just buy a wood frame & distress etc..Dollar Tree has many! 

2.) After the chalkboard is dry , which usually takes 45 minutes depending on how many layers you apply..I usually apply two thick coats! Take a piece of chalk & "season" the board { Rubbing a layer of chalk over it & wiping it off with a damp cloth }. This will ensure the board doesn't leave chalk marks when erasing.

3.) This is the part that some miss to point out..not all chalkboard paints leave completely smooth surfaces..which then leaves grooves in the wood or glass when painted. Simply take a wire brush & buff the chalkboard out. Go with the lines or grain of the chalkboard & just slightly buff until smooth!

4.) Hang or display & enjoy!!

Note: I like the used chalkboard look so I didn't completely wipe off all the chalk before writing on it!

Frame chalkboard using Rust-oleum brand chalkboard paint is above & Target brand below. I did two separate brands to show the differences in products.. I hope this helps!

Mirror chalkboard using Target chalkboard paint.

I just love these little chalkboards. They seriously come in handy for events, announcements, decor , messages etc..& for any budget & level of craftiness!!

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