Friday, July 17, 2015

{ DIY Umbrella Tiki Torch! }

Happy Friday & almost weekend! I swear this week flew by & with the nice weather for the weekend ahead I'm pretty excited!! Today was filled with two photo sessions on two projects I've been wanting to share, a cuddly breezy nap with my hubby ,and when I woke up he was walking in the door with  pizza...nice right?! Sometimes you just need those kind of days haha! Anyways back to the DIY I'm about to share with you guys..It's so needed in the summer if you're like us & don't have a gazebo or barrier for the nasty blood sucking skeeters { mosquitoes} haha! I've got the perfect little DIY that seriously anyone can do. All you need is a regular umbrella pole, & a $5 citronella filled tiki torch!! 

So if you've been reading my little blog for a while now you would know last year we popped up one of those little gazebos & loved it for summertime!! It shaded our completely sun drenched backyard & it had a decent net to keep the pesky blood suckers off of you! Well with the big storms at the end of last summer/fall our little gazebo  took a beating & when I say beating, I mean it was crumbled into a pile of metal junk..This year we decided to skip the gazebo { since we might be moved by next summer } & just pop up a regular umbrella. That's fine & dandy, but guess whose back? Yup, you guessed it..... the SKEEEEETERS!!!!! My hubby who is always coming up with simple & sensible ideas, came up with this actually!! 

Start with a tiki torch of any kind as long as it's filled with citronella bug repellent fluid . We got these 2.5 years' ago & they're still going strong!!! When they run out of fluid just refill & you're good to go!!  


Remove your umbrella & slip the tiki torch down until you cant push it down anymore! Most tiki torches are smaller in width then the actual umbrella pole ,so this works perfect! The umbrella pole encases the tiki torch & essentially holds it in place!!

Our umbrella is help in place by this wood pot & a mix of pea gravel/dirt! This is best used when there isn't much wind!! I liked the look of the pot better & we just had it laying around so we decided to use it. It's not the most secure post, but this still should work with a regular umbrella stand!! Obviously if it's extremely windy don't put the tiki torch in!!  I'm demonstrating in the daytime..we usually switch out the umbrella at dusk or when we get the fire going. We've used this a few times & we're pretty pleased!! 

For $5 , we love this little fix!! 

Have a great weekend friends!! 



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