Friday, July 31, 2015

{ Rustic/ Glam Master Bedroom Reveal!!! }

Hey everyone!! It's almost the weekend yay!! I've been teetering { AKA nailing, 3m-ing & driving my husband nuts}  with our master-bedroom for the last month!! I know what you're thinking omgooshhh she's at it again with the master haha!! To be fair & honest I've done quite a few perk-ups since we moved in this house in 2012, but nothing as drastic as this..I would change out bedding & side table decor/ curtains, but nothing that was tooo different!! I got the idea in my head that I wanted more of a rustic/glam/classic/modern cottage { Yes, that's my style haha} space instead of the bright & frilly shabby chic/ granny chic feel! We've had the same light tiffany blue walls & the generic "love & dream" signs since 2008!!! I went to three stores { Target, IKEA & Michaels } over a period of 3 weeks gathering inspiration & decor goods. I hit a major sale at Michaels & scored $120 worth of stuff for $55!! When I'm planning a space redo I like to gather stuff over time to make sure it's exactly what I want & to ensure it's not rushed. I also didn't want something that was generic or looked like it stepped out of a Pottery Barn catalog { Yes, I LOVE P.B, but wanted something personalized } without breaking the bank!! You guys know I'm all about cute, cozy & practical in just about every aspect of my life, so this was no different..

So lets start with this awesome chest that is one of my favorite pieces!!  Instead of changing out the fabric I used some household bleach!! I gave it a good scrub then painted the hardware with some black chalkboard paint I had laying around &it instantly  transformed this piece!!  I love having a chest at the end of our bed for extra bedding, sheets & it adds a cute little sitting area in any bedroom with limited space! 

Side Note: Scroll all the way to the bottom for a full source list!

To get the added rustic/industrial/glam feel I love adding baskets & vintage books!! The baskets add the texture & the books add the charm!

I always try to explain to people when I'm helping them with a project that patterns & textures are the key to any space. I learned this a while ago from some talented ladies in this blog world! Adding different pattern & texture to a space , while still using similar colors will add that layering & boldness each space needs to be complete. You can see I stuck with black, tan, and white , but added different patterns with the space colors!! For the pop of color the walls & greenery took care of that!

I'm so picky with lamps & rugs..Yup, I've said this a million times before! I desperately wanted to change out our rugs, but couldn't find any that I LOVED or that weren't $300..Ya,this is a  P.R.A.C.T.I.C.A.L revamp ,and $300 for a 5x7 isn't practical.  Onto the lamp ordeal haha, I actually did replace the shades with sage green shades that were brand new sitting in my decor room forEVER! I hated the sage green, so I painted them  black!! 

I know I've also explained the panel of curtains behind the bed before, but for anyone new here it goes again..See that window to the right of the bed? Well, I hate that the window isn't centered so my lovely mum came up with the idea to use curtains, it's genius and solved my OCD issue ;)!! Anyway we've always had white grommet curtains & I got pretty sick of them, not to mention our silver rod was taped together hanging above our head #whoops! We replaced the rods on both windows to black  with rustic/industrial glass knobs! I love the black & white curtains & the effect it gives to the bed without using a typical headboard! I'm not one for headboards to begin with , but paying $3000 for one isn't only ridiculous, but not practical for the average person wanting to revamp their bedroom!!

- Sweet Dreams -

P.S. sorry about the 3rd grade handwriting haha... my finger has a chemical burn on it right now !

Although I loved the silver glass beaded chandelier we had, it just wasn't working for this space anymore. We decided to switch it out for this $9 candle lantern!! 

 Ahh this last picture has my name all over it..Fresh new IKEA magazine & a cozy clean bed waiting for me!

I hope you guys loved this room reveal as much as we both do!! It doesn't take thousands to make a space cozy, personalized, or fresh! First add the essentials like rods, curtains & bedding and go from there! Decorating shouldn't be  a rushed process { I learned the hard way } it takes time to figure out your style etc..Play around with spaces & make it your own!!

Source List:

Black & white curtains - Dollar General & IKEA
Black & white striped pillow-cover - IKEA
Tan ruffle pillows - Tuesday Morning
Black & glass curtain rods - IKEA
Cream pillow-cover - IKEA
Ampersand pillow-cover - Target 
Nightstand baskets - Michaels
Chalkboard accessory - Michaels
His & Hers sign - Hobby Lobby
Black & cream throw - Better Homes and Gardens
Tan & cream striped duvet - IKEA
Black chargers - Michaels
Glass hurricanes on nightstand - Target
Greenery - IKEA & Michaels
Metal Vases next to bed - Target
Mirrors - Thrifts
Lantern chandelier - IKEA
"&" sign - DIY
Wood tray - HomeGoods
Chest - Thrift
Nightstands - IKEA



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